About Us

Who Am I?


My name is Joshua Pompey and for the past decade I have been helping men to succeed with online dating, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or the looks they were born with.


As crazy as this sounds, I’ve even been referred to in the media as the best online dater in the world.  To this day I still feel ridiculous saying that out loud, but hey, it sure does help build trust with you right?


Although its been close to a decade, my work with online dating is just getting started, so I hope you are ready to join me in this next chapter of my life and become a success story of your own.


Whether you are looking for a busier dating life or a long term relationship, I’ve got you covered with plenty of free online dating advice, as well as plenty of incredible services and e-books for those who are looking to take that extra step.


Why follow my advice?


I’m no savant, nor do I consider myself anything more than an average guy.  But I can confidently say that my success rates have been over 99% for the past decade. You can learn more about that here.


The reason my methods work for men of all ages, backgrounds, and looks is because my teachings are based in science, psychology, and a decades worth of experience, all combining towards results that will exceed your expectations and than some.


I’m Also A Success Story

See that way better looking person below?  That’s Amanda.  She’s the kindest, sweetest, and most selfless person I have ever met.  She even puts up with me, a monumental feat on it’s own!


We met several years back on OkCupid and couldn’t be happier.  If you are old enough to remember that old cheesy hair club for men slogan that said, “I’m not just the President, I’m a member,” well… that’s pretty much me.  I’m my own success story and I would love the opportunity to make you one as well.

Ready to Create Your Own Success Story?