Best online dating photos for guys

The 21 Best Online Dating Photos For Guys: Backed By 10 Years of Research

By Joshua Pompey

woman on phone

Having insanely attractive photos doesn’t mean you have to be an insanely attractive guy.


Thanks to evolutionary wiring, our ability to attract women has much more to do with our internal qualities and personality traits than the looks we were born with.


All we have to do is learn the qualities that women are instinctively attracted to, and then infuse them into every facet of our dating lives.


Today we are going to focus on the types of photos that will help you to spark attraction with women online.  As you read this article, I want you to remember every picture you post is an OPPORTUNITY to build more attraction.  It’s your job to take full advantage.  With that said, below are the best online dating photos for guys.



1. Pictures with family




Family photos communicate to women that you are loyal, family-oriented, have the qualities of a protector (a strong attraction builder), and value the relationships in your life.  They provide a visual representation of a man that a woman can feel comfortable settling down with, and maybe even build (or unite) a family of her own with down the road.


2.   Pictures with friends


photos with friends


Demonstrating that you have a strong circle of friends communicates that people like being around you, and you in turn, enjoy being around others.  This demonstrates social value, which is a highly effective attraction builder.


Ideally, if you can find pictures where you are the focal point of the picture, you will look like the leader (alpha male) and your photo will be even more effective.  Avoid photos where you look like the beta of the group or are with genetically superior men (taller, more attractive, better dressed, etc.), as this will lower your status.


3.  Vacation photos


man on vacation


These pictures serve multiple purposes.  They show that you are worldly (a very attractive quality), they build commonalities (almost everyone likes to travel and commonalities build attraction), and they serve as great photo bait (photos that entice women into initiating a conversation).


4.  Alpha male oriented photos


alpha male


The alpha male is the ultimate male.  He is a man’s man.  The guy who can take charge, lead others, and get things done.


Demonstrating you are an alpha male is communicated in everything from the hobbies you pursue, to the way you stand (shoulders square, held held high), to the confidence in your smile, to the look in your eyes.  Any photos that shows you are a confident leader and a man amongst boys are photos that you should be posting.


5.  The refined photo


alpha male photos


What does your best self look like when you are groomed perfectly and wearing your best clothes?  There’s a reason the character of James Bond has had such a long lasting sex appeal.  Not only is he confident and alpha, but he looks sharp as hell in a suit.


We don’t necessarily want to post a picture of ourselves in a suit, as it might feel forced and unnatural if you don’t already have a picture like this, but one picture in an outfit that brings out the dapper side of yourself is worth obtaining.


6.  Accomplishments in the workplace


accomplishments at work


This communicates that you have goals, have the potential to be a protector, and will be able to burden the financial responsibilities that come with building a relationship.


In addition, women want to know that a relationship with you will involve a lot of fun times ahead, along with the financial freedom to experience life to the fullest.  Nobody wants to jump into a relationship that will instantly be weighed down by financial stress and pinching pennies.


7.  The athletic photo


spartan race


Women are drawn to men who get off the couch and take care of themselves.  These photos communicate that you value your health, have some ambition, and can commit to things.


Whether you are a marathon runner, a Spartan Race warrior, a casual tennis player, or just enjoy a run of the mill workout a few times a week, revealing any desire to stay physically active is a huge asset.  And don’t worry, the picture above is a bit hyperbolic. You certainly don’t have to jump through fire to show you are athletic (but it sure doesn’t hurt!)!


8.  The profile bait photo


joshua pompey with family


These photos entice someone to send a message based on the context of the picture.  Often times a caption can provide tremendous help towards accomplishing this.


For example, I once posted a picture of me, my dog, my sister, my grandmother, and my nephew all in one picture (depicted above).  The caption said, “I paid 10,000 dollars to have this photo engineered in a lab to attract the most beautiful women online.  Is it working so far?  Confession: I don’t even know these people!”  On average I’d get 10 or more emails a day responding to this picture!


When you think about posting (or creating) photo bait, ask yourself, which of these pictures raises the most curiosity or will generate the most conversation?


9.  The laugh out loud funny photo


online dating profile writers


Communicating you are funny will exponentially increase your odds of receiving a first date and will instantly raise attraction levels.  What woman doesn’t like to laugh?


In the previous photo bait example, that was my laugh out loud picture.   Go through your photos and see what silly pictures you have.


If you can’t find any or can’t think of any, here’s an idea… Find silly pictures that you can photoshop your face onto for comedic value.


For example, I once had a client who photoshopped his face onto the Marvel character Thor in one picture, onto a man surfing a 50 foot wave in another, and onto a shirtless body builder in the next.  The responses were absolute hilarious and it was highly effective, not only as profile bait, but building attraction through humor.


10.  Photos with other beautiful women




When you are in photos with other beautiful women, you are tapping into an attraction builder known as pre-selection.  Pre-selection is the concept that if other beautiful women want to spend time with you, there must be something about you worth hanging out with.  This will make other women want to meet you even more.


It’s a biological response kicked in by competitive instincts.  Just keep in mind that the photo has to appear very natural (action shots work best).  If it seems like you are trying to show off beautiful women in the photo, you will come across as a douche and it will have the opposite effect of your intentions.


11.  Cooking photos


man cooking in cooking class


When it comes down to it, who wouldn’t like to meet someone who knows their way around the kitchen?  In addition, these photos communicate that you have some diversity to you, can help out domestically in a relationship, and aren’t tied down to old school gender roles.


12.  The dog photo


man with dog


Dog photos make great for great photo bait, tap into a strong commonality with other dog owners (dog lovers are usually very passionate), and communicate the qualities of someone who is loyal, responsible, committed, and a protector.  Just avoid cat photos.  I love cats (I grew up with 5!), but if a woman doesn’t know you yet, the single guy with cats will lead to negative pre-conceived judgments.


13.  1-Upping the dog picture


tiger picture


Before The Tiger King came out on Netflix, posting pictures with a baby cub were pretty damn cool!  While the culture zeitgeist may have shifted a bit, there’s not doubt that pictures with exotic or unique animals are going to spark attention and serve as excellent profile bait.


14.  The adrenaline picture


guy skydiving


Whether you’ve been sky-diving, have swam with sharks, of get your thrills bungee jumping off of bridges (I personally couldn’t be paid to do any of these things!), showing that you are willing to do these things communicates that you are the ultimate alpha male with no fear.


15.  The unique adventure picture


glacier hiking


For all you ambitious travelers out there who have went on some truly unique adventures (i.e., random villages in Africa, glacier hiking in Iceland), this is the photo for you.  Communicating that you are worldly and open to just about anything is very attractive.  Show it!


16.  The 3 quarter headshot


3 quarter headshot


Studies show that women are more drawn to profile pictures that depict men in a three quarter angle position as opposed to looking into the camera straight on.  This is something you may want to test out in your profile.


17.  Charitable photos


charity pictures


If you are the type of man that volunteers your own time for the benefit of others, you my man, are an incredible guy.  And I can promise you, women will think so as well.  These types of photos tap into several attraction building qualities in the best possible way.


18.  The variety photos


painting a canvas


The more diverse you come across in your pictures, the more interesting you are going to seem.  Photos that have the same thematic concept throughout the entire gallery (for example, if they are all athletic) don’t work well because they are only telling one story.


Communicate with your photos that you are versatile and not easy to place in a box (yes I’m aware how lame that statement just sounded, but it’s true!).  The more you deviate from the center, the better.


19.  Demonstrating talent


playing guitar


What women isn’t attracted to a man that has talent?  This shows that you have something special to offer and can provide value that most other guys can’t.


20.   The Handy Photo


man woodworking


Meeting a guy that is fun, intelligent, and handy is the dream for most women.  It’s also a very alpha type of picture.  If you happen to have any hobbies that reveal this aspect of your personality, definitely post it.


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