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Drastically Raise Your Online Attraction Score: How To Attract Women Online With Science On Your Side



By Joshua Pompey


Ready to learn how to attract women online with complete easy?  In this article you are going to learn the secrets to raising your online attraction score so that you can compete with even the best looking and most successful men online.


Let’s pretend online dating is a video game, with the highest score being 100.


Let’s also assume that the most attractive men online start with an attraction score of 100, and that the average looking guy starts with a score of 50.  If we want to win the game and attract the best looking women online, then we need to get our attraction score to a 100.


So how do we do that?  By learning how the science of attraction works and applying that knowledge to the online dating world.  Otherwise it’s game over.


On looks alone we can’t compete.  We were dealt the cards our genes gave us and that won’t change. However, if we take the science of attraction into account, we can raise our appeal to other women so that looks only play a very small role in our success.


This means that learning how to attract women online vastly depends on our ability to understand the internal qualities that women naturally respond to (Attraction triggers), and then implementing them as much as possible in our online dating orbit.


Attraction triggers such as, humor, confidence and social value, will all serve to make us more attractive to women online (There are 10 fundamental triggers and unlimited ways to demonstrate them).


Keeping that in mind, suppose I added a humorous comment to my profile.  That’s a start, but my score will barely move.  One attraction trigger in an extremely small dose will have an almost negligible impact.  Maybe my attraction score goes up to a 51, but that’s hardly high enough to compete with other men online.


But suppose I add 3 humorous comments to my profile and post 1 picture that makes a woman smile.  Now the needle starts to move a bit.  Not too much.  But it’s something right?  I’m managing to build online attraction through humor.


Well now that the needles moving, let’s infuse some statements into the profile that spark demand.  Let’s also showcase our ambition and add a few pictures that demonstrate social value in the photo gallery.  Don’t look now, but the needles moving again.


Let’s just go all out now with a relentless assault of attraction triggers.  Let’s get in that profile and add a couple of family oriented photos, pictures with friends, and a couple photos of our world travels.   Let’s also get in that profile one more time and edit the writing until all 10 attraction triggers are subtly infused at least once.


Now we are starting to roll.  And now for the final finishing touch.  Let’s craft a great email that is proven to ignite instant interest and attraction…


And done!  Don’t look now, but our online attraction score has officially reached a perfect score of 100.


This is how you attract women online my friends.  And not just any women.  Even the most beautiful women.


But wait…. How did we win?  Didn’t you say you that the best looking men online also start with a 100?  Surely those men will still get the girl over us right?  Not necessarily.


The “best looking” men may also have a perfect score.  But we have the more well-rounded 100 which is based on far more than just looks.


According to the science of attraction, women are instinctively wired to respond much more to a man’s internal qualities than his physical appearance.  These good looking guys may have been born 100’s in the looks department, but our score isn’t just based on looks.  We are the more well rounded 100, and thus, we win.


And that my friends, is how you conquer online dating and attract women the right way.  More to the point, it’s why my success rate with helping men learn how to attract women online has been over 99% since 2009, regardless of who the person is, what they look like, or where they are from.


At the end of the day, science always wins in the long run.  Raise your attraction score high enough, and nothing can prevent you from attracting anyone you desire online.


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