how to attract women online

Raising Your Online Attraction Score To Compete With Better Looking Men


By Joshua Pompey


how to attract women online

What is an online attraction score?.


Let’s pretend that online dating is a video game.  In this game every man has an attraction score that ranges from 1 to 100, based purely on the looks that he is born with.


The absolute best looking men in this game would have an attraction score of 90 or higher, while an average looking man would have a 50.  Finally, let’s suppose we are a 50.


If the game dictates that the highest attraction score wins, there is no way we could compete right?   Damn.  This game really sucks huh?  How are we supposed to compete with genetically superior men?   It’s like they started with a cheat code!


Well, not necessarily.  Even the hardest games are beatable once you learn a few tricks!


Raising your attraction score


attractive woman


What most men don’t realize is that women experience attraction much differently than men.  Women are wired to respond much more to a man’s internal qualities and personality traits than the looks a man was born with (pending he dresses well, grooms himself, and presents the image of a man that can be taken around friends and family).


This is not my opinion.  It is a fact based in science and evolutionary programming.


Once we learn what these online attraction triggers are, we can implement them into our profiles and emails, which will drastically raise our attraction scores.


For example, one of the best ways to spark attraction is humor.  Suppose we added something to our profile that made a woman burst out laughing.


That’s a start in the right direction, but our score won’t move much just because we made a woman laugh once.  We might jump from a 50 to a 51, but that’s not even close to where we need to be.  We need a 90 or higher!


But suppose we added 2 humorous comments to our profile and also posted a really funny picture.  Now the needle starts to move a bit.  Not too much.  But it’s something right?  We are managing to build our online attraction score through humor.


woman interested on her phone


We are getting somewhere, but being the one dimensional funny guy isn’t enough.  We need to tap into more attraction building qualities.


Let’s now infuse some statements into our profile that show we have a lot social value.  Let’s also showcase our ambition and add a few pictures that demonstrate alpha male qualities. Don’t look now, but our score is rising again.


Let’s just go all out now with a relentless assault of attraction triggers.  Let’s add a family oriented photo, a photo with friends, a picture with our dog, a photo of us doing charity work, and a couple photos of unique adventures we’ve had.   Let’s also edit our profile writing one more time, but this time, subtly infuse 10 more attraction triggers.


Don’t look now, but we are closing in on a new high score.   And now for the final finishing touch.  Let’s send a great email that has been proven to ignite instant interest and attraction…


And done!  Final score… 95!


But there’s even more good news…


If we are competing with other 95’s based purely on looks, we win.  We are the more well-rounded and interesting 95, and thus, will spark more attraction than the super good looking guy who appears to be a complete bore.


And that my friends is how you attract the most beautiful women online.  More to the point, it’s why my success rate with helping men attract women online has been over 99% since 2009, regardless of the looks they were born with.  At the end of the day, science always wins.  Raise your attraction score high enough, and nothing can prevent you from winning the game of online dating.


So where do we go from here?


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