Online Dating Hacks: The Secret to Creating A Perfect Smile

Online Dating Hacks:  The Secret To Creating A Perfect Smile

By Joshua Pompey

how to smile with confidence


Several years ago a famous photographer named Peter Hurley went viral after releasing a video about a camera pose known as the “squinch.”  According to Hurly, this is an extremely effective method for looking more photogenic on camera.

Squinching is a portmanteau of squinting and pinching, which is Peter believes you should be doing with your eyes in every photo. According to Hurley, having wide eyes in an image makes you look afraid or uncertain.  Squinching is the key to looking confident!
While I could explain this further, Peter Hurley’s video has over 3 million views for a reason.  He could explain this much better than I can, so watch the video below for a full explanation!


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