How to write online dating openers in 60 seconds or less

A Free Lesson From The Joshua Pompey Process:

How To Write Killer Online Dating Openers In 60 Seconds Or Less

By Joshua Pompey



For over a year I spent all my free time putting together the 9 Part Course Series that is now known as The Joshua Pompey Process.  Why the need?  Truth be told, over the past decade helping men to achieve online dating success had become relatively easy.  But one problem still remained.  Time.


Men had been lining up dates and forming relationships left and right using my methods.  That wasn’t the issue.  It was the time consuming nature of lining up dates that remained an issue.


The truth is, online dating can suck up our entire lives if we aren’t careful.  And how great can our lives really be if half our days are tied to a dating site right?  Nobody needs or wants that.   We should be out bettering ourselves as human beings or having fun.


With those thoughts in mind, the goals of The Joshua Pompey Process became threefold:


1.  To lay the proper foundation (A.K.A., The work phase.  building the profile, visual story, etc.)


2.  To learn how to write online dating openers in 60 seconds or less.


3.  To automate the entire process in perpetuity.


In order to write killer emails in 60 seconds or less, let’s refer to Course 6 of the Joshua Pompey Process.


Course 6 is filled with best online dating openers that I have been using for close to a decade.  I even use these exact same openers for my VIP clients who pay me thousands of dollars to write their emails.


For your convenience, this course is divided into various categories so that we have a ready to go opener for any type of woman we want to message.  Whether we want to email a teacher, lawyer, doctor, dog lover, older woman, etc., we will have a ready to use online dating opener.


Here’s how the process works when you use course 6:


Step 1.   Pick a category from Course 6 and choose an opener.  (5 Seconds)


Step 2.  Perform a targeted search on your dating site (5-15 seconds)


Step 3:  Copy and paste the opener to the profiles from your search (5 seconds per email)


Step 4:  Scan the profile for one short follow up question to prove you “read” the profile  (30 seconds)


Step 5:  Automate the process.


Now let’s demonstrate how to write an email using an actual opener from Course 6:


Step 1.  Pick a category from Course 6 and choose an opener (5 seconds)


Let’s get a little silly for today’s demonstration and use an opener from the “older woman” category.  This is for all you men who think it would be fun to date an older woman.   Hey, we all have bucket lists right?


Step 2.  Perform a targeted search on your dating site (5-15 seconds)


Since we are using an older woman opener we will now perform a search for older women. 


Step 3:  Copy and paste your opener to a profile from your search (5 seconds per email)


The following opener has been taken directly from The Joshua Pompey Process:  Alright here’s the thing.  I know I’m 7 years out of your preferred age range, but I’m thinking between my charm, humor (and handsome good looks?), that gives me at least 9 extra years of wiggle room no?  😛


Step 4:  Scan the profile for one short follow up question to prove you “read” the profile.  (30 seconds)


In all seriousness, you do seem really interesting and we seem to have a lot in common.  I actually noticed that you also went to Iceland last year.  Did you make it out to the Blue Lagoon?  So much fun…


Step 5:  Automate the Process.


Continue sending the same opener to other women from your search.   Only step 4 changes, reducing your follow up emails to less than 30 seconds each.


Now imagine having online dating openers like this for every type of woman you can imagine.



This is why the Joshua Pompey Process is my proudest accomplishment.  Not only do these openers have incredibly high response rates (If your profile is set up right), but you can pick just about any type of woman you want, perform a quick search, and put your messaging on near autopilot.  If you lay the right foundation which is very important (Your profile writing and visual story), your response rate will go through the roof with minimal time invested.


So what’s the next step?  


The Joshua Pompey Process has everything you need to build the proper foundation and send out emails with extremely high response rates.  It even covers first dates and texting, 2 critical components of your eventual success.


To download all the best online dating openers in the world, along with the rest of this easy to follow 9 Part series, just click here now.  Backed by a full refund guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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