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Online Dater & Why You Need To Read This



Frustrated.  Angry.  Bitter.  Resentful.  Hopeless.


These were the words that defined my first experiences with online dating back in 2007.


Granted, I was never exactly Mr. Confident growing up.  With a nose that was way too big for my face, ears that stuck out like dumbo, and a childhood filled with bullying, I was lucky if I could work up the courage to even talk to a woman for much of my life.  Not to mention, I was incredibly shy.


But no matter how hopeless I felt with women or how insecure I was around strangers, it took online dating to make me feel like the biggest failure of my entire life.


During my first 3 months of online dating back in 2007 I literally send out hundreds of messages.  With each day that went by without a response, my heart would beat just a little bit faster each time I checked my inbox.


Every time I logged on to an empty inbox it felt like a direct punch to the stomach.  Only I wasn’t some prize fighter built to take a beating.  My mental state was fragile as it was.  With each day that passed, I fell into a deeper and deeper depression.


Days turned into weeks.  Weeks turned into months.   Nothing.  Zero responses.  Zero dates.  Zero physical contact.


I wasn’t just being rejected.  Rejection would have been nice.  It would have at least been some form of acknowledgment that I existed.  This was even worse.  Women didn’t even take the time out of their day to reject me.  I was completely invisible.


How was this even possible?  I knew I wasn’t some type of six pack, carved up GQ model – but holy shit this was brutal.  This couldn’t be happening.


I even started lowering my standards and messaging completely undesirable women just to get a self esteem boost.  I needed to prove for my own sanity that somebody wanted me.   Anybody.  But even the bottom of the barrel women wouldn’t give me the time of day!  Talk about crushing.


I was literally paying an online dating site to have my entire sense of self-worth systematically destroyed.


When I tell you that I was emotionally crippled from this experience, I was emotionally crippled from online dating in every possible way. I went into a deep depression.  I stopped hanging out with friends.  I gave up trying to meet women.  I became convinced that there was something wrong with me and that I would be alone forever.


If I couldn’t even meet someone on a dating site where women were literally paying to meet a nice guy, what hope did I have of ever meeting someone?  I was done.


Fuck all these stuck up bitches.  All they care about is looks and money.  I don’t need anyone but myself.


At least that’s how I felt at the time.  But who was I kidding?  I was lonely as hell and bitter every time I saw a pretty face or a happy couple.  After a few months of depression, I grew tired of feeling sorry for myself and I started to crave the affection of women again.


I was just so tired of being alone while all my friends were enjoying happy relationships or fulfilling dating lives.  At the end of the day, I guess the old saying is true… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?


I know, I know.  I hate corny bullshit mantras as well.  Especially ones that are made even more popular by Kelly Clarkson.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?  I might as well start preaching you should get a tattoo that says “Eat. Pray. Love.”


But in this case, the whole “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” thing applies, so indulge me if you will.  After months of wallowing in my own self-pity, I eventually channeled all that pain, anger, and frustration into what would eventually change my relationship with online dating forever, along with the lives of thousands of men I’ve worked with over the years.



Fast forward 7 years later to the year 2014.…  Good Morning America is on the phone…


“Hi this is Edgar, a Producer over at GMA…  We are looking to film a segment about online dating that will air tomorrow morning and were wondering if you were free to shoot tonight?”


Was this guy for real?  Just play it cool Joshua.  Don’t let him know how excited you are.


“HELL FUCKING YEA!!!  Let’s do this Edgar and cripple those Today Show, Al Roker loving sissies in the ratings!!!!  I mean ummm… Yea… I guess that would be cool.”


Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it went down.  The real conversation was a series of boring exchanges that eventually resulted in Good Morning America asking me to film a segment for their show.


But as the limo driver they sent to pick me up pulled in my direction, the weight of the moment began to sink in.


7 years ago I couldn’t even get a single woman to talk to me online.  And now here I am, being picked up in a limo by America’s number 1 morning show to shoot a segment that will be watched by millions of people the next morning.  Was this really happening?


Everywhere I went Producers, news anchors, and people in the crew were asking me about online dating and how I’ve become so successful at helping people.  They even rented out an entire bar in Midtown for me to film the segment!


News anchors were asking random women in the city if they’d date a guy like me if they saw my profile online.  ME!  The same guy from 2007 that was completely invisible.  The online dating ghost of 2007.


“Yea, I’d go out with him for sure. He seems like a lot of fun,” one of the beautiful blondes said to the reporter at the bar.


It was completely surreal.  Like some type of bad movie.  Only this was real.  Over the past 7 years, I had went from online dating reject, to the online dating version of “Hitch.”


From there things only got crazier.  The next day Australia’s number one morning show calls me up.


“We saw you on Good Morning America and would love to do a segment on you.  Is there any chance you could film live from our New York Studio tomorrow?”


The next thing I know, I’m on my 2nd show in two days with a segment referring to me as, “The World’s Best Online Dater.”


Me, the same insecure and emotional mess who was arguably the world’s worst online dater on the planet, is now being referred to on television as the best online dater in the world!


The same goofball that never stops making stupid jokes and is a huge closet geek is now the world’s top online dating guru?   I mean granted, at this point I had now been helping men all over the world since 2009, but considering where I started from, this was surreal!


It wasn’t long before CNBC, The Huffington Post, and dozens of other media outlets pursued relationships with me.  Somehow, someway, I had become the authority on online dating.



But as much as this story might seem like it’s about me, it isn’t.  I’m smart enough to understand that no matter how likable or nice I may be, my purpose in your life isn’t to talk about myself.  It’s to help you achieve your goals.


This story is about you and the millions of other men out there who want to have the same type of success and happiness that I have found with online dating.  And this is something that I can help any man with if you follow my process.


Because the truth is, I’m nothing more than an ordinary guy just like you.  I didn’t wake up one day and suddenly become some type of mystical ladies man that makes women’s panties drop every time he walks down the street.


I didn’t change who I was at my core and become some type of lame “pick up artist” to attract women online.
Sure I made a lot of improvements to myself that were very much needed, but to this day I still laugh and poke fun at myself every time someone refers to me as the “online dating hitch” or some type of online dating guru.


Maybe I am?  But I don’t see myself that way.  I’m still that same ordinary guy who is a goofball at heart, loves science fiction, is obsessed with great television, and compulsively follows lifestyle gurus in order to improve the quality of my life.


But there is one thing that is no longer ordinary about me – the ability to line up an endless stream of beautiful dates for my clients and I.  This is something I have truly mastered and the best part is, it can be replicated by any man who follows my process.


My story and this course series is about taking you on that journey and paying forward everything that I’ve learned so that you could have a dating life of your own that is anything but ordinary.


Whether you are coming from a place of hopelessness like I once did, simply want to improve the quality of your dating life, are looking to hook up more, or are ready to settle down and start a family, my story and this process will work for you regardless of your status in life, your prior experience with women, or the looks you were born with.


Not only will my proven process help you to maximize the quality of your life and attain all your dreams, but it will allow you to do so in just a few minutes a day.   More on that later though!



So How Did I Get To The Level Of Success I’m At Now?


For a long time I let my failures with online dating define who I was as a person.  Worthless.  Pathetic.  Zero potential.


This may sound a little dramatic, but can you blame me?  During my first go around with online dating I lowered my standards lower than any man ever should, sent out hundreds of messages, and couldn’t even get a single response!


But ironically, it was the very same personality trait that brought me into a spiraling depression, that led me to the online dating success I eventually found – my obsessive personality.


When I failed to succeed with online dating, I became obsessed with my failures.  Obsessed with the notion that I wasn’t good enough.  Obsessed with my own perceived shortcomings.

Obsessed with blaming women for my failures.


It wasn’t until I reached that emotional rock-bottom, that I started channeling the obsessive side of my personality in a positive mindset that would change my life forever.


Eventually I made the decision that the pity party is over.  I am no longer going to feel sorry for myself.  I am no longer going to be alone.  I am no longer going to sit on the sidelines settling for an average or below average life.


Fuck that.  I wanted women.  And I didn’t want average women anymore.  I wanted the best women.  And I didn’t just want to meet one type of woman.  I wanted to date women from all walks of life.  All ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities.  You name it, I wanted it.


I was a man on a mission. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines while other men get to enjoy it to the fullest.  Every day of my life I saw average looking men walking the streets with above average women.  How were they doing it?   They can’t all be rich!


And once again, I became obsessed.  But this time I became obsessed with changing my life in a positive way.  And I decided to channel this entire obsession through online dating.


Sure this was largely about meeting women.  But it wasn’t only about meeting women anymore.  It was about conquering the same medium that put me in the worst emotional place I had ever been in my life.


If I could conquer online dating, I could do anything.  Online dating had become symbolic of every thing in my life that ever kicked my ass or made me feel inadequate.


Online dating represented every girl who I never had the courage to talk to.  Every insecurity I ever felt in my life.  Every fear that I was too much of a coward to tackle.  Every excuse I ever made.  Every thing I’ve ever given up on.  I was going to figure out how to succeed at online dating if it killed me.


I relentlessly read everything I could get my hands on for months on end.  You name it, I read it.  Psychology, the science of attraction, sociology, evolutionary instincts, mens magazines, lame pick up artists, scholarly journals, lifestyle coaches.  There was nothing above or below what I was willing to read.


I sent out emails to dating experts.  I browsed message boards.  I interviewed friends who were great with women.  I observed the interactions of mis-matched couples in society where the female was far better looking.  Hell, I even sent messages to some men online who looked like they were probably having success and asked what worked for them.


Of course they didn’t answer and probably thought I was some type of freak, but like I said, I was a man on a mission.


Over the next few months I started adapting everything I was learning to the online dating world and experimenting day and night to see what worked and what didn’t worked.  I was constantly collecting data and treating the process of online dating like an actual science.  Like I said earlier, I’ve always been a bit of a closet geek!


I was reading, experimenting, and analyzing data day and night like some type of delusional savior, determined to crack the code that would free a race of average men from lame dating lives forever.


And eventually, I had figured it out… It wasn’t easy, but I figured it out.  I was lining up dates nonstop.  First dates were always leading to second dates (Or straight to the bedroom).


Even more importantly, the quality of women I was meeting was drastically improving by the day.  Doctors, lawyers, part time models, teachers, nurses, part time actresses, college students, older women, younger women, white women, black women, tall women, short women, you name it – they were messaging me and lining up to date me.


I had cracked the code.  I had learned how to spark attraction with as many women as I wanted, whenever I wanted.


My biggest problem was no longer getting dates.  It was choosing which women to go out with and finding the time and money to go out on all these dates.  Not a bad problem to have huh?



So how did I do it?  And more importantly, how have I helped men all over the world to achieve this at a success rate of over 99% since 2009?  Well that’s what this course series is about.  Sharing my process with you so that you can benefit the same exact way as me and thousands of other men have.


This Course Series Is Divided Into 9 Easy to Follow Courses That Will Lay Out The Exact Process I Use To Line Up An Endless Stream of Dates Online


It took me a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but eventually I learned hot to attract any woman online.  But the best part is, I learned that any man could achieve the same results as me, if not better, regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what looks you were born with.


It is simply a matter of understanding the female mind, adapting that understanding to the unique world of online dating, and putting the right process in place so that women feel an instant attraction towards you from the moment they view your profile, right up until the very first date and beyond.  Once that process in place, the dating world will be yours for the taking.


In this course series, every single thing I have learned, practiced, and discovered over the past decade to achieve unparalleled success for my clients and I is laid out for you to benefit from in these 9 easy to follow courses.


As you read and go through this course series, think of it as your ultimate recipe for success.  Need help creating the ultimate photo gallery?  Course 3 has you covered.


Want the same emailing openers that my VIP clients pay thousands of dollars for me to write?  Just head over to course 6.


Not getting as many 2nd dates as you should?  Just head over to course 8 for a crash course on 1st dates that always turn to 2nd dates.


This Process literally has everything you will ever need to live the dating life of your dreams.



But It gets MUCH Better Than That…


Although my clients and I have shared endless amounts of success over the years, there was one thing that still plagued me.  Time.


If you remember from earlier, I tend to be a little obsessive about perfecting things.  And even with all the success my clients and I have found over the years, online dating was still way too time consuming.


Who wants to be logging onto dating sites for an hour or more a day when you could be out and about enjoying life?  So once again I had a new obsession – Figuring out how to shorten the length of time it took to line up dates online.  And thus, the process laid out for you in this series was born – combining a decade of knowledge with the ability to automate the messaging process.


This course series will not only teach you everything you need to know to line up an endless stream of dates, but it will allow you to do so in just a few minutes a day.  That’s right, you can line up an endless stream of dates with the highest quality women in just a matter of minutes each day.



As You Go Through This Course Series  The Process Will Be Divided Into 3 Phases


Phase 1:  Acquiring the Knowledge


You can’t have success with women online without equipping yourself with the right knowledge.


In phase 1 you will learn the fundamentals of how to spark, enhance, and maintain attraction, from the very 1st email, all the way until the end of the very 1st date and beyond. In addition, you will learn how to craft an image that will make you highly desirable to women online.


Phase 2:  Lay the Foundation for Endless Success


In phase 2 you are going to take everything you’ve learned in phase 1, adapt it to the online world, and begin to lay the foundation for your future success.   This is where you will build you visual story, craft a profile that women  can’t resist, and set up your automation emailing spreadsheet.


Once you finish laying the groundwork in phase 2, you will be able to continually reap the benefits in perpetuity.  And don’t worry, I have made it very simple to implement phase 2.


Phase 3:  Put your online dating life in automation.


Finally and most importantly, you are going to automate the process. The automation phase comes with easy to follow instructions  that will allow you to manage and maintain the process in just a few minutes a day  This is the same process my VIP clients pay thousands of dollars for me to implement.


At The End of the Day, This Series Is All About Give You What You Want In the Least Amount of Time Possible


Want to find a serious relationship?  This process might make it difficult with all the beautiful women that will be wanting to date you, but this will put you on a the fast track to success.


Looking to go on multiple dates a week and just have as much fun as possible?  With this process you will be able to line up more dates than you ever imagined.


Ready to date women of a higher caliber than you’ve ever dated in the past?  You can and will easily accomplish that as well.


But enough talk.  It’s time to get moving.  Before we move on to Course 2, I want you to complete the following exercise for yourself.
Course Work Before Moving On to Attraction Building


Take 10 minutes and free write without stopping.  I want you to write about what you hope to achieve over the next year.   It could relate to dating, but it doesn’t have to.


Whether it’s your job, a desire to get healthier, to feel more comfortable in social situations, etc., I want you to put on paper or visualize what you hope to accomplish in the coming year.


When you finish your 10 minute journal, I want you to write down 3 things that you are thankful for and 3 short term goals.


Put this journal somewhere safe and keep it on record to come back to in the future to measure your progress and remind yourself of your goals.  I’ll see you in the next course where we will learn the science of attraction!


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Packed with nearly a decades worth of knowledge in one easy to follow process, this series will change your life forever with women and is the ultimate investment in your time, quality of life, and future happiness.  You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!