Not Getting Responses On Match.Com

Not Getting Responses On Match.Com? The 3 Fixes That Will Change Your Results.

By Joshua Pompey

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Over the years I’ve heard so many men claim that online dating doesn’t work.  Especially from men who are not getting responses on

If you feel this way, I completely understand your frustrations. In fact, years before I started helping men to succeed with online dating, I encountered the same difficulties. 

But here’s the good news. can be the greatest thing that ever happened to you.   

When you put the right process into place and set up an online presence that is built to perfection, you will never have to worry again about not getting responses.  Your biggest problem will be finding enough time to respond to all the messages coming your way every day.

In order to be successful on Match.Com there are 3 things you must do

I’d like you to think of online dating as a 3 legged stool.  Just like a 3 legged stool, there are 3 main components to online dating.

Let’s suppose that the 1st leg represents the photo portion of your profile. The 2nd leg represents the writing portion of your profile. The 3rd leg represents the emails you send out to women.

In order to be successful with online dating, all 3 of those legs have to be strong.  The stronger they are, the more efficiently and more frequently you will be able to attract higher quality woman.  

On the other hand, If even one of those legs is shaky, everything collapses. 

This is the reason most men don’t receive responses on

If you aren’t receiving enough responses online, especially from the most attractive women, it means that 1 or more of the legs described above has something that needs fixing.

It could be as simple as one misguided photo or one poorly chosen statement in your profile.  Or perhaps it’s the emails you’re sending out.

There simply cannot be any weak links when you are on an online dating site because these sites are populated within an endless stream of men competing for the same women.

Attempting to meet women online at anything less than your full potential isn’t going to cut it. You need to be fully optimized on every level.

But here’s the good news

woman on bed
Most beautiful women on Match.Com are actually dying for a good guy to come along and sweep them off their feet.  They would love nothing more than to be rescued from the hell that is online dating for them.  The problem is, most of the emails and profiles that come their way are either terrible, or fail to stand out.

When your profile writing, photo gallery, and email writing are all at full strength, not only will online dating work for you, but you will have more dates to choose from than you would ever possibly have the time to go on. 

How to set about fixing the weak link in your 3 legged stool

This is where it gets a bit more complicated. There are many moving parts to a written profile, a photo gallery, and writing online dating emails.  In order to perfect each one, you will either need to fully educate yourself, or outsource professional help.  The good news is, we can help you with either option!

If you would like to educate yourself for free on various topics, here are a few articles I would recommend reading:

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