Not Getting Responses On Match.Com

Not Getting Responses On Match.Com? The 3 Fixes That Will Change Your Results.

By Joshua Pompey


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If you are not receiving responses on, do not worry for another second.  My name is Joshua Pompey and over the past decade, I’ve literally helped thousands of men in the exact same situation.   I can assure you that online dating is all about putting the right process into place and understanding how to create an emotional response with women online.

Once you learn to do this properly, you will never have to worry about receiving responses on again.  Believe me when I say that your biggest issue will become finding enough time to go out with all the women vying for your attention.  I don’t care what your height is, what you look like, or how poor you are… it doesn’t matter.  It’s all about putting the right process into place.

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Now back to the issue at hand.  Let’s dive a little deeper into why you aren’t receiving responses on match.

In order to be successful on Match.Com there are 3 things you must do

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I’d like you to think of online dating as a 3 legged stool.  Just like a 3 legged stool, there are 3 main components to online dating.

Let’s suppose that the 1st leg represents the photo portion of your profile. The 2nd leg represents the writing portion of your profile.  And the 3rd leg represents the emails you send out to women.

In order to be successful with online dating, all 3 of those legs have to be as strong as possible.  This means that each leg has to be optimized in a manner that sparks attraction, ignites interest, and works towards creating an emotional response.   The stronger these three legs are, the more efficiently you will be able to attract high quality women.  On the other hand, if even one of those legs is shaky, everything collapses. 

This is the reason most men don’t receive responses on

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If you aren’t receiving enough quality responses online, it means one or more of the metaphorical legs described above needs fixing. 

It could be as little as one misguided photo, one poorly written statement in your profile, or sending out emails that fail to ignite interest.  Or it could be the symptom of a larger problem, such as failing to create an emotional response, failing to spark attraction, or completely blending in with the competition.  With an endless stream of men competing for the same women, you simply can’t afford to have any weak links.

But here’s the good news

Most beautiful women on Match.Com are actually dying for a good guy to come along and rescue them from online dating.  The problem is, most men on dating sites are completely boring or creepy!  Once you learn how to attract women online properly, I can assure you that you will have more women in your inbox than you would ever have time for.

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