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Online Dating Email Templates That Get Results

By Joshua Pompey

online dating email template

Do Online Dating Email Templates Work?


If I had to guess, I’ve probably sent out more than 10 thousand emails over the course of my career helping online daters!  Sounds exhausting, right?


Well, not necessarily.  If every single email I wrote was completely original, I’d be chained to my computer every minute of the day.  On the other hand, spamming messages that are copied and pasted wouldn’t work either.  Women instantly pick up on this.


The solution lies somewhere in the middle.  I have dozens of online dating email templates that are highly effective.  All I have to do is adjust each one a tiny bit to match the woman I am messaging.  By making a tiny adjustment, they will feel completely original to my audience.  This allows me to send a vast amount of highly effective messages in a limited amount of time.


Before continuing, it’s critical to note that emailing templates will never work without a perfectly optimized profile.  If you need help with that, you could find some free articles here or hire a pro.


Let’s take a look at an example of an effective emailing template 


online dating email templates for men




  • It’s too bad you’re (insert difference) because you really were kind of cute.  What a shame, we really could have been something special…


Template filled in:


  • It’s too bad you’re a Dallas fan, because you really were kind of cute… What a shame, we really could’ve been something special…  😉


Time spent:


  • About thirty seconds or less to find something in her profile that you share a slight difference of opinion on.


Why is this emailing template effective?  Let’s analyze.


online dating email templates that get results


  • It’s communicates a whole lot in a limited amount of words.  Attention spans are short so we need to get the most mileage out of each word used.


  • This email puts you in the driver’s seat.  It starts out by playfully rejecting the woman, communicating that you are the one who needs to be chased.  This is something that high value men excel at.


  • It forces her to qualify herself.  Even though she knows you are joking around, her response must explain why she’s still worth getting to know.  Beautiful women get so bored by men bending over backwards to date them.  Playfully flirting in this manner is extremely effective on beautiful women who rarely have to chase men.


  • This email breaks through the noise of her inbox, which is mostly filled with boring small talk questions and over the top flattery.  An email like this will instantly grab a woman’s attention and create a desire to engage.


  • By stating you “were kind of cute (past tense),” you are letting her know she’s attractive, but then pulling the compliment back.  This is a flirting tactic known as push-pull.  You give a little bit, then reel it back a little bit.  Men who are great with women instinctively do this when they flirt.


  • This template instantly taps into a commonality, which helps to build a connection and rapport.  You both enjoy football and can build off of that.


  • This email paves the way for plenty of fun and playful banter in the next few exchanges, as opposed to dead end conversation starters such as, “what’s up?” or “how’s your week going so far?”


You can also add to this emailing template if you choose to:


If I wanted to, I could extend this email by stating:   It’s too bad you’re a Dallas fan, because you really were kind of cute… What a shame, we could’ve been something special… Should I at least take this as a sign you can commit since you haven’t won since the 90’s?  😉


There are always opportunities to add to the playfulness of an email if you have a few extra seconds.  What’s important to keep in mind is that you can now use this exact email on literally any beautiful woman you see in a Dallas Cowboys search.  If I was on, I could perform a keyword search for the word “Cowboys,” and use this same email dozens of times on women who express they are Cowboy fans.


Need some more online dating email templates?

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