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The Psychology of Online Dating Openers:  4 Way To Ignite More Responses

By Joshua Pompey

online dating openers


I’ll be honest…  I typically hate articles that have the phrase “online dating openers,” in the title.  These types of articles are usually filled with cheesy and ineffective pickup lines that just don’t work.


If you want to create online dating openers that actually work, it’s important to understanding the most important psychological aspects of online dating.  If you know how a woman thinks, you will know what needs to be done to ignite a response.  Today I will be discussing 4 psychological components of online dating that you should have a firm grasp of.

1.  You Need To Overcome the Paradox of Choice Phenomenon


paradox of choice


Paradox of choice is a psychological phenomenon that shows having too many choices can cause intense stress and feelings of unhappiness.  Welcome to online dating – the paradox of choice phenomenon on steroids!  Women are so bombarded with options on dating sites that they have an incredibly difficult time making a choice.


So how do you overcome the paradox of choice?  There are 3 main components to online dating – the photos, the profile writing, and the emails.  You need great openers to be successful, but without a perfect profile, you will have an incredibly difficult time convincing a woman that she should choose you.  For some helpful resources on profile writing you can visit this page, or click here for plenty of great photo advice.


 2.  Your Openers Must Focus On Breaking Through The Noise



Women sometimes receive hundreds of messages a week on dating sites.  From a psychological standpoint, every opener just starts to feel like noise after a while, especially if the message is uninspired and cliche.


If you want to break through the noise, your online dating openers need to feel like a jolt of electricity the second a woman reads it, snapping her out of the mindless scrolling pattern she is locked into.  Although there are many ways you can accomplish this, making a woman laugh is far and away the best approach.


Laughter will help you to break through the noise.  Combining a hilarious opener with a great profile and a perfectly set up photo gallery will seal the deal.


3.  Your Online Dating Openers Must Appear Genuine



Have you ever been to a club packed with thousands of people?  This is often the hardest place to pick up a woman and infinitely more difficult (for most of us) than approaching a woman in a bar filled with 20 people.


Why?  Because there’s just too many people in a packed club.  This causes women to keep their guard WAY UP due to all the creeps and shady characters lurking around.   Online dating isn’t much different.  Due to the vast amount of bad characters coming at them in large numbers, women have to keep their guard up.


This is why it is extra important to appear genuine and trustworthy, both in your profile, as well as in your online dating openers.  And guess what doesn’t feel genuine?  An opener that a woman knows has been copied and pasted to 100 other women!  Pasting the same cheesy line to 100 women simply won’t work.


4.  Your openers should understand the psychology of attraction


woman reading online dating opener


It’s critical to understand that our looks are only one of many ways that we are able to spark attraction with women.   In actuality, basic psychology shows that women respond much more to our internal qualities and personality traits than our physical appearance (pending we take care of our health and hygiene).


All we have to do is learn the psychology of what sparks attraction with women, and then infuse that knowledge into our online dating openers.  Doing so will drastically increase your response rate.


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