Is online dating too competitive?

Does Online Dating Feel Too Competitive for You?  Turn Your Competition Into Your Biggest Strength


By Joshua Pompey

is online dating too competitive

It’s no secret that there is a whole lot of competition on dating sites.  If I showed you how many messages some of my most beautiful female clients receive on a daily basis, you’d be blown away.


For some of you, all this competition on dating sites might feel overwhelming?  You may have even found yourself asking the question, “Is online dating too competitive?”


But what if I were to tell you that your male competitors are actually your best asset?


It’s true!  Once you learn how to optimize your online presence, your competitors are actually going to increase your ability to attract women online.


why aren't women responding online


This is because the vast majority of men are approaching women online completely wrong.  They are either being too nice, creepy, boring, overly sexual, etc.  The list goes on and on.


Based on my experience since 2009, I’d estimate that well over ninety percent of men fall into this category.  Not only are most men messaging women wrong, but they also have terrible profiles and photos that miss the mark.


Maybe you even fall into one of those categories.  But that’s okay!  Online dating is a learning process and we are here to change all that.  The first step towards becoming a successful online dater is fixing the process.


All that terrible competition becomes a tremendous OPPORTUNITY for us once we learn how to present ourselves properly and create an emotional response with women online.


The reality is, most women online would love nothing more than to meet someone great, get into a relationship, and never have to online date again.  Once you have the right profile, the right photos, and emails that are designed to ignite interest, all that terrible competition will only help you to shine all that much more.


So let’s get started with some advice that will push you in the right direction for success.


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