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The #1 Reason Most Incredible Women Fail To Find Meaningful Relationships Online  (And How You Can Avoid This!)

By Joshua Pompey



Meet Nancy.  Nancy is well rounded, interesting, and beautiful.  She has taken the time to craft an amazing profile and is a very sociable person.  Yet, for some reason Nancy just can’t seem to find a relationship online.


Sure, she’s had a few good dates here and there.  She’s even had a few mini-relationships that last a couple of months.  But inevitably, she always winds up back on a dating site, still in search of that special someone who she could form a meaningful life with.   The question is, why can’t this all around amazing woman find love online?


The #1 reason may just surprise you.  It is due to the fact that Nancy is a passive online dater, who rarely performs her own searches and almost never initiates a conversation.  And unfortunately, this is far and away the biggest reason that the majority of worthwhile women stay single for months, and even years longer than they should in the online dating world.


Why is it so critical to initiate?


Because dating is much different than “real life.”  In real life, if I were to place a great guy in the middle of a bar, he isn’t going to get swarmed by every woman who lays eyes on him.  As men, we may wish that were the case.  God how we wish that were the case!  But society just doesn’t work like that.


However, the rules are different in the online world.  Quality men do get approached by a lot of women.  To put it in perspective, I would often receive 50 to 100 contacts a week when I was single.


Could you imagine if you were to place me in a bar and I had 50 women all trying to score a date with me in 1 week?  If this were the case, would I be walking to the bar next door searching for women on my own?  Of course not.  I’m already getting what I want.  And this is exactly what is happening for quality guys in the online dating world.


You may be waiting for a great guy to sweep you off your feet, but the reality is, the best men out there are already receiving so many emails that they aren’t even performing searches of their own.  They have no idea that you even exist.


So which guys are coming your way the most?   As a result, it’s usually the left-overs who aren’t getting nearly as much attention, which include the creeps, the socially awkward, and the just plain crazy.  This is why so many women become convinced that there aren’t any quality men online.  They are out there in large quantities.  You just need to find them.


You must become an active participant to find a meaningful relationship


This is why it is so critical to get online once a day, perform searches, and initiate a couple emails a day.  By becoming an active participant you are ensuring that the most worthwhile men out there take notice and know you exist.


Finding relationships online isn’t that hard, you just need to take destiny into your own hands, break through the noise, and make your own luck by performing highly targeted searches and writing highly engaging emails.  Need a little help?  Learn 7 ways to write first emails that attract the successful and well-rounded professional by reading this free article.

How much of a difference will becoming an active participant make?


To put things in perspective, most of my client’s who sign up for my VIP service are some of the most accomplished, well-rounded, and interesting people I’ve ever met. And yet, most of had spent months, and even years on dating sites prior to meeting me.


But here’s the amazing part.  Once we started the process of performing highly targeted searches and sending out emails 5 days a week (Which is what the focus of my VIP service is), these same clients averaged finding relationships within 2 months.  Now granted, we send out highly engaging emails, combined with a profile and photo gallery that is optimized to perfection.


But even if we had a great photo gallery and well-written profile, being aggressive with our searching and initiating is the key ingredient thats makes the venture successful.  Otherwise you are simply just another woman who is hoping to get lucky.  And let’s face it, finding love is too important to just sit around hoping a great partner will find you.


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