How many online dating pictures should I have

“How Many Online Dating Pictures Should I have?”  

By Joshua Pompey


In this article Joshua Pompey examines how many online dating pictures you should have with a response based in logic and reason!

how many online dating pictures should I have

One of the most common questions online daters ask me is, “Joshua, how many online dating photos should I have in my profile? I just don’t know how many to post!”


A lot of women will ask this question after reading advice from other “online dating experts,” advising arbitrary numbers that don’t have much rhyme or reason.


“Four pictures.” “Four is the magic number, NO MORE THAN THAT!”


Click on over to the next “expert” and they might find themselves reading, “Five! Five is the magic number! Anything more reveals too much about yourself!”


Call me crazy, but if someone is going to throw a number out at me, I want that reason to be based in strong logic, not in some flimsy explanation that barely has any rhyme or reason behind it.


Let me explain to you why this type of advice is completely misguided. I want you to think about every photo you post in your profile as an OPPORTUNITY.


Each photo you post in your profile is an OPPORTUNITY to build interest. An OPPORTUNITY to build attraction. An OPPORTUNITY to create an emotional response.


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So the more photos you have that tell great stories about yourself, the more opportunity you are going to have to spark interest, build attraction, and create an emotional response! Are you with me so far? Great! Because I’m throwing a whole lot of logic at you right now aren’t I?


So if we have 8 awesome photos that all tell a really great story about ourselves (whether it’s your love of dogs, your passion for adventure, your incredible cooking skills, etc.), why would we limit our profiles to just four pictures if there is so much opportunity to build attraction through additional photos.


Now obviously we want to have a limit. When a man is viewing your profile, at some point he is going to get photo fatigue and stop clicking if he gets to that 12th, 13th, or 14th picture.


But forget all that minimalist nonsense about keeping the photo portion of your profile limited. If you have eight photos that all tell great stories about yourself, post all eight! If you have nine, post nine!


Now with that said, in the online world one bad picture will be enough to send someone clicking (or swiping) over to the next profile. At the end of the day, we are only as strong as our worst picture, so you never want to post a picture that tells a great story at the expense of looking attractive.


If you really only have four great pictures (I recommend acquiring more), only post four. If you only have six, then only post six.


But just remember, the more great stories you have to tell, pending you look flattering in each picture, the more opportunities you will have to spark interest with an incredible guy!


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