online dating picture ideas

The 5 Stories Your Profile Pictures Need to Tell:  Online Dating Picture Ideas

By Joshua Pompey


In this article Joshua Pompey examines 5 online dating picture ideas that will help you to spark instant interest. 

online dating picture ideas

As I’ve been stressing for over a decade, every photo you post is an OPPORTUNITY to tell an incredible story about yourself. The more great stories you tell, the more quality men will gravitate towards you online.


The question is, what stories should YOU be trying to tell?  Do you want to tell the story of the cool girl?  The caring woman?  The driven badass?


While the stories you tell are only limited to your imagination and life experience, below are five online dating picture ideas that I highly recommend implementing into your profile.


Picture idea #1: The Story of Your Best Physical Appearance



This sounds like an obvious one, but it always surprises me how many women only go halfway or even ninety percent on this picture.


Posting photos that you look pretty in are great, but do any of these pictures show you at your absolute BEST self?


I’m talking about the look you’d put together if you just won a date with the sexiest man alive. Would you put maximum effort into every little detail of your physical appearance, from your hair, to your nails, to carefully choosing the perfect outfit?


Online dating photos should be taken with the same mindset, as it is extremely competitive out there!  Taking the time to reveal your best self could be the difference maker between your dream guy to noticing you, or clicking to the next profile.


Picture Idea #2:  The Story of Adventure


adventurous picture idea


Before you start strapping on those bungee cords, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to show you are adventurous without defying death.  I wouldn’t partake in the jump depicted above if you paid me a million dollars!


Whether your definition of adventure is jumping out of a plane, or safely staying ON a plane and exploring new countries, any picture that shows you have an adventurous mindset is a positive asset.   Adventure pictures reveal that life with you will be fun and exciting, as opposed to a lifetime of boring and monotonous activities.


Picture Idea #3:  The Story That You Can Hang With The Guys



These will go a long way towards making a guy think you have the potential to be “the cool girlfriend” that he could brag about to all his friends.  I know this might sound silly or childish, but most guys really do get excited about this!


Do you like sports and have a picture of you at a game? Great! Post it! Do you enjoy a cold beer at your local pub every now and then?  Again, if you have a picture of this, that’s great.  Post it!


Of course I’m generalizing by painting men as a gender that uniformly loves to watch sports and pound beers (of course that isn’t true), but for the sake of making a point, if you have any pictures that gravitate towards things a lot of men are typically into, these photos can go a long way.


Picture Idea #4:  The Story Of Positive Energy



Maybe it’s a picture of you laughing with friends. Maybe it’s a picture of you flashing your most contagious smile. Maybe it’s a picture of you cheerleading for the Dallas Cowboys… if so, call me!


Whatever the situation is, men absolutely love women that bring positive vibes to the table.  Let’s be honest though, this isn’t exclusive to men.  Who doesn’t like positive energy aside from bitter and negative people?  Your positive energy is contagious and will make others want to be a part of it as well.


Picture Idea 5:  The Story Of A Well-Rounded Woman 



Maybe you like to cook. Maybe you’re a marathon runner. Maybe you have a part time job teaching yoga.


The more you show a diverse range of hobbies and interests, the more interesting you are going to appear to others.  More interests displayed = more interesting to others.  See how simple online dating can be?


Try to find photos doing all the things you love to do. If you need to get out there and take pictures of yourself engaged in these interests, enlist the help of a photographer, friend, or family member and make it happen.


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