Don’t Hire A Professional Profile Writing Service Unless You’ve Asked These 9 Questions

Do Not Hire An Online Dating Profile Service Unless You’ve Asked These Questions

By Joshua Pompey



You’ve realized that hiring a professional to write your profile can provide a tremendous boost to your online dating success.  You’ve proceeded to seek out various companies that might be able to assist you in the process.  Now comes the difficult part:  Choosing the profile writing service that is right for you.


Nearly every company will claim they are the best, so how do you choose properly?  Well before you go ahead and spend that hard earned money on a professional online dating profile service, you will want to ask the following questions.


How long has the profile writing service been in business?


In this business, longevity is a solid indicator of just how successful the business has been.  Over the years I’ve seen dozens of online dating profile writing services pop up overnight, only to disappear a few short weeks later.


If the company you are considering has managed to maintain a successful customer base for many years, the odds are much greater that they have been doing something right.


What are the educational backgrounds of the profile writers?


If you are hiring a professional profile writer, you should make sure that it isn’t just some random freelance writer that was hired off the Internet. Try to seek out companies that hire writers with backgrounds in writing, or at the minimum, possess Bachelor degrees from reputable Universities.  Educational background is not always a direct reflection of intelligence, however, since your money is at risk, it is best to take this pre-caution.


What personal experiences do the profile writers have with online dating?


Just because someone is an excellent writer, doesn’t mean he or she is an excellent profile writer.  Would it surprise you if I told you that I’ve written profiles for best selling authors, English Professors, and journalists over the years?


This is because online dating requires a unique set of skills, as well as plenty of experience with online dating. Without both, the quality and authenticity will suffer.  Always make sure that your profile writer has had plenty of personal experience with online dating, along with a track record of success.


What strategies does the profile writing service use?


The service you hire should have a clear system in place.  For example, our company only uses male writers because we believe nobody can truly understand how a man thinks and what a man will respond to better than an actual man.


Once our male profile writers get to work, we have a specific structure, plan of attack, and writing strategy that we use.  Those strategies are transparent and clearly communicated to potential customers who call us to inquire about the service.


When you outsource your online dating profile to a professional service, make sure you inquire about the process and methods they use.  Once they lay out their strategy, ask yourself if it makes sense and aligns with your goals.  If it doesn’t, then you need to look for a different company that has the level of expertise you are seeking.


Is there related content that is readily available and do you agree with its teachings?


Sure, I fill this website with free online dating advice because I enjoy sharing my knowledge with you.  But I also have to prove that I am trustworthy and that I know what I am talking about.  If you come across a profile writing service that doesn’t published any related content to online dating, that is a major red flag.


On the other hand, if the company does have related content readily available, you need to gage just how reputable the advice seems.   There is a whole lot of great online dating advice out there, along with a whole lot of information that will ruin your chances of success.  If companies advice seems generic and low quality, then you definitely should not use that profile writing service.


What does the website look like?


If the website looks like something that someone built overnight, that is probably an indicator of just how successful the company has been, or will be.  Considering you are hiring a service to make you look your best self, the company should probably look its best self as well.


How transparent is the company with its reputation and success?


Any reputable online dating profile writing service should have various indications of success throughout its website. Featured publications, media mentions, testimonials, documented success rates, and customer reviews are all credentials that you need to take stock of.


Our big claim to fame is the ninety-nine percent success rate.  But every company is different.  When you inquire about a service, be sure to press them about what makes them successful, along with some explanations of how they can back up these claims.


Are they willing to work with you until your needs are fulfilled? 


No matter how many success stories a company has, it’s impossible to get every single profile perfect the first time.  Before you hire a professional, you should inquire how willing they are to work with you before and after the profile is complete.


Do they offer free revisions?  Is there a money back guarantee?  Are they willing to jump on a phone call before and after the profile is complete?   How quickly do they respond to your emails and phone calls?  Are there any bonus offer materials that will increase your chances of success?  These are all important issues that should be considered.


What results can you expect to see?


There is no way a service can ever promise you a relationship or a vastly superior dating life.  External factors such as your emailing habits, can either offset or enhance your ability to succeed.


But a service can and should promise you variations of a guarantee that at least protect your investment.  For example, we promise a refund no matter what as long as it’s requested within 3 days of your profile be completed.  Always ask what type of results that you can expect, along with what type of compensation is offered if they don’t meet expectations.


Ready to see if our online dating profile service is the right choice for you?


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