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3 Online Dating Profile Examples That Will Help You To Attract Higher Quality Men


By Joshua Pompey


Need some online dating profile examples that will help you to attract the right kind of man online?  In this step by step tutorial, you will learn how to transform poorly written profiles, into profiles that quality men can’t resist.



Over the past decade I have literally read thousands of online dating profiles.  While that may sound completely exhausting to you, it has also allowed me to attain more knowledge about online dating profiles than just about anyone on this planet.  And today, I would like to share some of that knowledge with you.


In this profile writing tutorial, I am going to show you some common examples of poorly written online dating profiles that I frequently encounter, and how you can re-write them in ways that will truly increase a man’s desire to engage with you. Alright, let the training begin!


Lesson #1:  How to transform the “negative energy profile.”




An example of the negative energy profile:  “I am not here to meet anyone who plays games or isn’t looking for a relationship.   And if you are not open to new experiences, don’t like to stay active, or don’t have a job, please don’t message me.  I’m not interested.”


So what exactly is wrong with the example above?  While the desires of the writer are more than understandable, the manner in which they are written oozes way too much negative energy.  And negative energy tends to attract negative attention.


Any man reading this profile will instantly wonder if this woman has had bad luck with men in the past, is high maintenance, or if she is just a downer in general.  These thoughts may not even be conscious, but they will occur.


I know receiving emails from low quality men can be frustrating, but these men are going to message you no matter what.  They either aren’t reading your profile or just don’t care.  Ironically, the only men negative energy will scare away are the good ones that you are trying to attract.  So keep the focus on what you do want in a man, not what you don’t want.


The better way to write your profile:  If you are adventurous, love to stay active, and are always striving to accomplish new goals, you will surely have my attention. If you can also make me laugh and are a closet geek like me, then maybe we should just move straight to a first date…  But shhh on the closet nerd thing.  Our secret.  Deal?  😉


The new profile changes the image of the writer completely.  Instead of focusing on weeding men out, she focuses on reeling the right men in.  She is still requesting the same qualities in a man, only this time, she comes across as very likable, upbeat, playful, attractive, and most importantly, positive.   In addition, her personality really shines through in a unique way.


Lesson #2:  How to transform the “boring and cliche profile.”




An example of the boring and cliche profile:  “My name is Nancy, I currently work as a Sales Director, and really enjoy what I do.”


The worst thing you can do is blend in with the crowd if you want to attract a man who is in high demand.  While there is nothing inherently bad about the statement above, there is nothing good about it either.  In fact, it’s mind numbingly boring.


This type of cliche writing will make a man’s eyes immediately glaze over and instantly lose interest in reading your profile.  Instead, Nancy should focus on using her occupation to highlight her strengths and showcase her best personality traits.


The better way to write your profile:  “For “work” you could find me leading others as a Sales Director.  As someone who has always loved to meet new people, help others, and take on new challenges, this past year has been a dream come true and I can’t wait to see where the future takes me!   Maybe even on a great first date?  🙂


In the new and improved profile example, Nancy uses her occupation to highlight some of her best characteristics.  She shows that she is living an extremely fulfilled life and is excited about the future.  These are very attractive qualities.


In addition, she makes a playful comment at the end that might even bait men into asking her out right away.  This sure beats the original example huh?   When it comes to writing an online dating profile, every word and statement should have a specific purpose.  If it doesn’t, it either shouldn’t be there, or needs to be re-written.


Lesson #3:  How to transform the “needy and desperate sounding profile”




An example of the needy and desperate sounding profile:  “I would love nothing more than to finally get off this site.   I really want to meet a man who is smart, funny, and has a good job.   If you are out there, I hope to hear from you.”


Nothing will turn a man off more than a woman who sounds needy, or comes across as if she has had bad experiences with men in the past.  The first statement implies that the writer hasn’t had any luck with online dating.


Further on in the example, the words “really want” come across as needy or desperate, and the words “hope to hear from you” imply that she is the one chasing, creating the image of a woman who is just sitting around and “hoping” that a man will like her.  This may not be true at all, but perception is everything.


The better way to write your profile:  “The right partner for me would love to learn new things, loves to let loose and have a few laughs, and enjoys achieving new goals as much as I do!  Next goal?  The perfect first date with an amazing man… Wink… Wink… :)”


In the new and improved example, the writer makes a few subtle changes that create a much more confident and attractive persona.  The words hope and want are removed and replaced with much more confident sounding language.


The writer now appears as if she is the one who is in control of her destiny.  In addition, the example above shows a lot more personality and ends with some playful and g-rated flirtation,  adding some much needed life to the profile.


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