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7 Reasons We Are The Best Reviewed Online Dating Profile Writing Service

By Joshua Pompey

online dating profile writing service reviews


With hundreds of testimonials, a 5 star rating on TrustPilot, and a 5 star rating on Google Reviews, we are the best reviewed online dating profile writing service in the industry.   But just in case you’d like a little more convincing, below are 7 aspects of our service that we believe have led to over 20,000 satisfied customers!

1.  We possess over 10 years worth of data


data driven


With over 20,000 profiles under out belt, we have several lifetimes worth of online dating data to look it!   Old and new data is always being analyzed and applied to future profiles in order to maximize results.  When you are a customer, you become the beneficiary of over ten years of research.


2.  We are always testing the market


having an idea


While our profile writing service is highly reviewed, we are never content to just rest on our laurels.  Online dating is a medium that constantly evolves.  Just think about the landscape ten years ago.  Swiping platforms didn’t even exist!  Technology evolves fast and it is our job to evolve with it.


Our profile writers are required to log onto dating sites several days a week, browse profiles, search for useful data, and consistently test out new ideas.  We are all about maximizing conversions.


3.  Our hiring process is extensive


office employees


Our writers are required to have a masters degree in English, one year of online dating experience, and undergo 6 months of extensive training under my direct supervision.  I am fully aware that with every profile sent out, my name and reputation are on the line.  This is why I do not outsource cheap labor or hire low quality writers.  A focus on quality is paramount to maintaining a highly reviewed profile writing service.

4.  We offer unlimited revisions for 10 days


unlimited revisions


We rarely get asked for revisions, but we never want our customers to worry about being stuck with a profile that they aren’t completely satisfied with.  That’s why we offer unlimited revisions for ten full days.


When you sign up for our service, our profile writers will work with you until we get your profile completely up to the quality you expect and deserve.


5.  We offer the best full refund guarantee in the business


Thumbs Up


When I first created my full refund guarantee, people thought I was crazy.  Truth be told, I thought I might have been crazy!  In case you aren’t aware of my guarantee, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your profile, you can request a full refund within three business days of receiving it – no exceptions.


This places us in a vulnerable position to get ripped off.  People could easily just purchase a profile, pretend they didn’t like it, and get their money back.  But I’ve always believed people are good at heart and that if they receive a great service, they will be grateful and honest.  I’m happy to say that I’ve been proven right for more than ten years, as our requests for a refund amounts to less than .01 percent of our customers.   The way I see it, if you want to build trust with others, you have to show that trust in return!


6.  Our relationships with customers is paramount to our success




When you sign up for our service, you are more than just a customer.  We like to think of you as a new addition to our family.  And if a new family member is entrusting us with something as important as helping them to find their future happiness, you better believe we are going to take that seriously.  Any of my employees that doesn’t feel this way knows where the exit is!


Over the years we have placed a tremendous emphasis on forging meaningful relationships with our customers and plan on continuing to add as many people to our growing family as we can.  Not only are our customers family, but children all over the world have literally been born as an indirect result of our assistance, creating extended family members as well!  It’s an amazing feeling!


7.  We have a satisfaction rate of over 99%


customer satisfaction


As I mentioned earlier, less than .01% of customers have ever requested a refund on our service.  This is my proudest achievement and a statistic that I tirelessly strive to maintain each and every day.  When you invest in our profile writers, you can rest assured that you are going to be completely satisfied.

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