The 7 Types of Online Daters That Struggle To Find Online Dating Success

The 7 Types of Women That Struggle To Find Online Dating Success


By Joshua Pompey



Working with women for nearly a decade has enabled me to meet more than my fair share of spectacular women.  I can’t even begin to tell you how often I am blown away by the diversity, intelligence, and kindness of the women I speak with.


Sadly though, many of these women spent months, or even years on and off dating sites prior to working with me, not finding anything that even resembled online dating success.  Why?  It’s not that they aren’t amazing women. They just didn’t have the right approach to online dating.


Well over the years I’ve noticed that many of these women fall into the same categories.  If you can learn from their mistakes, you can drastically improve your ability to attract a quality man.  Listed below are several types of women that often struggle to find success with online dating.


The lost online dater


The lost online dater has great intentions.  She wants to put in the effort.  She wants to write emails that ignite interest.  She wants to craft a profile that blows the competition out of the water.


The only problem?  She has no idea where to begin.  If you fall into this category, your first step towards online dating success is to give yourself and online dating education.  For some free online dating articles and advice that can help you out, just click here.


The passive online dater


The passive online dater is exhausted from the daily grind of life.  Instead of actively searching and initiating conversations, she waits for men to contact her.


The problem with this approach?   Most of the quality men don’t perform their own searches.  Click here to learn why the highest quality men rarely initiate with women online.


To vastly expedite your chances of finding a quality relationship online, you should initiate at least 3 conversations a day with men that meet your criteria.  This is the method my VIP Service uses and my clients average finding a relationship within 3 months.


The commodity online dater


The unrealistic online dater treats people online like commodities.  The accomplished, successful, and handsome man gets passed up because he is 2 inches too short, or makes 75,000-100,000 dollars instead of 100,000 to 150,000 despite having an honorable profession.


At the end of the day, you need to open your horizons if the person on the other end seems like a good guy.  As a man who loves to drink, would I have ever thought I’d be with someone who doesn’t enjoy alcohol on any level?  Definitely not.  And now this person will be my future wife.


The moral of the story, keep an open mind if you want to be an online dating success story.  This doesn’t mean you have to settle.  Just be open.


The superficial online dater


The superficial online dater will go out with any man who has good looks, money in his wallet, or both.  If you are looking for a fling, go for it.  But if you are about a meaningful connection, don’t be distracted by the Playboys who will waste your time in the long run.


The low effort online dater


The low effort online dater writes emails that look more like texts, doesn’t put much effort into writing a profile, puts together a boring photo gallery, and waits for messages to come her way.


The highest quality guys are in high demand online.  Why would they want to get to know someone who doesn’t seem to be taking the process all that seriously, when they have a whole inbox filled with women who are?


The negative energy online dater


The negative energy online dater oozes negative energy at every turn.  The most common sin in this category?  A profile that is filled with lists of things she doesn’t want in a partner.


This will send off bad vibes and show potential baggage.  The successful online dater never focuses on what she doesn’t want in a partner, and always focus on what she does want.


The red flags online dater


The red flags online dater accidentally gives off the wrong signals about herself.  Every word you write and every picture you post has the potential to send the right signals about yourself, as well as all the wrong signals.  You need to make sure you are revealing the right ones.


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