Professional Online Dating Photos

Professional Online Dating Photos:  Are They Worth The Money?


By Joshua Pompey

professional online dating photos

When client’s approach me for help with their online dating photos, it’s never a question of if online dating photos are important.  It’s a matter of, how above and beyond should they go to acquire the right photos.


This raises the question, are professional online dating photos necessary?


Hiring a professional photographer may not be necessary.  But it certainly won’t hurt.  Especially if you don’t have that many pictures of yourself.  Even the world’s most beautiful celebrities look better with a little professional help.  


A professional will be able to capture flattering pictures that you aren’t necessarily able to capture on your own.  Even more importantly, he or she will bring a high level of expertise to the process.


To make an analogy… If I wanted to lose an exact percentage of body fat while increasing muscle mass, sure I could probably do well on my own by working hard enough.  But how much more efficient would the process be if I had a personal trainer and nutritionist assisting me?  


Hiring a professional photographer can also help you to enhance your visual story.


Young woman walking on a pathway in mountain with friends at the back. Female with friends hiking on a dirt road in a country side.


The best online dating photos don’t just capture what you look like.  They tell a visual story about what it would look like to date you.  Suppose you like dogs, have a favorite spot by the beach, enjoy hiking, love to dance, and recently took up tennis as a hobby.


A photographer can help you to retrieve photos in these scenarios, building visual excitement about what spending time with you would look like.  This will serve as a powerful backdrop to the written portion of your online dating profile.


Overall, photographers are an extremely worthwhile investment.


Similar to my advice with using a professional profile writer, small investments in your love life can have life lasting results.  With that said, consider the following guidelines before hiring a professional photographer:


  • The price should be within reason.


  • The photographer should specialize in taking photos that feel fun and natural.


  • Your photos should align with what your goals and the type of men you are attempting to attract.


Need step by step help on putting together the right photos?


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