Testimonials From Our Happy Clients!

Over the past decade, nothing makes us happier than the hundreds of testimonials we have received.  Below are just a small sample of the hundreds of testimonials from women who’ve used our services.

I am extremely pleased with what you have done with my profile!! Absolutely wonderful.  – Stephanie, Fort Knox


Testimonial OMG! I absolutely love my profile you wrote! It really captures who I am in a fun, creative way. I didn’t realize I was so fabulous!!!! Thank-you! Worth every penny! – Cassie Fort Green


This looks great to me, thank you so much for all your help! – Amy, Princeton


Oh my gosh!! You’re good! I love it:-). Whatever photos you think are best, I trust your judgement. Thank you Joshua.  – Noelle, Columbus


Working with you has been an amazing experience. I really could have never done this without you. Never thought I’d say this but I actually really like online dating now. A little too much :/ …. Haha!… So anyway here’s what happened Saturday night… . – Jamie, Del Ray


Joshua, I am in LOVE with my profile. You were able to capture me from start to finish. I am floored, you did a wonderful job! Thanks  – Theresa, Indiana


Hi Joshua, Thank you so much for writing my profile personally – it was definitely more lively and engaging than my previous one!! I just made it live so fingers crossed… . – Kirsten, Denver


Thank you Josh! I have gotten over 60 messages and 200 likes in a few days:) I am telling everyone they need you! I have met a few I am interested in going out with. Thanks again! – Stacy, Seattle


It’s great! Thank you so much Joshua. I’m going to have a great time out there! – Beth – Long Island


Hi! Thank you so much for the profile, it’s great! Do you happen to have any suggestions for a name for my profile? – Shaunessy, Cincinnati


Thanks Joshua! The profile sounds great!! I posted it today with a couple minor tweaks. Thanks again!  – ‘Beth, Olympia, WA


This is terrific!!! Like, really great! Thank you!  – Marry, Traverse City MI

Thanks that sounds like me…. I just don’t write that good I love it… . – Hana, Pasadena


Hey Joshua, Thank you for the amazing profile 🙂 Happy New Year! – Jo, Santa Monica


I got the profile you wrote. You certainly do know your stuff. It was very sweet of you to say that I seem “extremely interesting, well-rounded, and nice” & that you had a tough time choosing between my “great qualities”. I’ve never really seen myself that way before, and I’m not 100% sure you’re not just being very polite, but it was a lovely compliment to receive, so thank you. 🙂   – Jessie, Daytona


OMG! You are an amazing writer……………I do really like it. Thank you so much!!” – – Laura, Austin


I love it!! Thanks sooooooo much! Let’s see if I meet some wonderful men with this amazing profile now!! Lol.  – Kate, Ontario


Hello Joshua, I just got to fully look at my completed profile. It looks good. I did make some little changes to my own liking. Overall it looks good and let’s see how it works…:) I will reach out if I have any questions and need help with some changes. Thank you.  – Madera, Lockport Heights


Dear Joshua, I put a written note into the mail, and in the meantime I want to thank you very much for speaking with me yesterday. I left the conversation feeling very positive, which is a lot to say in the world of dating! 🙂 The business you have created is amazing and I am going to take some time to think about my next steps … Thank you you again for being so generous with your time and expertise, and especially for presenting your ideas and strategies in such a compassionate and non-judgmental way based on your years of experience. I appreciate tremendously that you pitch the opportunity in such a way that really seems to show you care about your clients, and their success, and in such an empowering way. The dating process is so personal (and sometimes takes longer than we like!) To hear you begin from a position of strength and positivity is really important, and very refreshing. Well, I have gushed enough 🙂 Thank you so much for your time, and I’ll keep you posted of my next steps. Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention the immense kindness and professionalism of your staff member, Amanda Salzer, who has helped me the past couple of days. She could not have been nicer or more on top of things, and has continued, in speaking with you – on such a high note. – Maureen, Ocean County


Thanks for profile rewrite. Sounds great. I have already added profile to a few of the sites and hope that it will attraction better suitors.  – Tina, Yuma, AZ


I really feel like the rules on emailing were especially useful. I’m going to give them a shot this week but I’m already getting a lot more winks and likes so good news already!

Mason Neck, Cynthia


You really are great fun to work w/. BTW, if you ever have a potential client “on the fence”, I would be glad to be an enthusiastic “reference” for your services!

Rachel, Menlo Park

By the way….the profile is great. I hardly recognize the person you are describing. Thanks so much!  – Debbie, St Louis

Joshua, thank you sooo much for the great bio. I absolutely love it. I’m going to give a try and put myself on Match and see what happens. If I get confused with all the dating I’ll definitely will contact you and try to get you to help me. I’ll definitely will spread the world about you among my clients. – Thank you again – Claudia, Burlington


Hello Joshua 🙂 Awwww thank you very much for your kind words you are amazing ! LOVE the profile thank you.  – Isabel, Chicago


Thank you so much! That is absolutely fantastic. All the best. – Evelyn, Edmonton


This is *awesome * Joshua, thank you! Can I send you a testimonial in about a month when I can report improvements? Let me know, and thank you again! – Katherine, Massachusetts


Hey Joshua, Wow – the profile you wrote for me is amazing! It’s absolutely jumping off the page! It really captures my personality, and I’m soooo excited to try it out. 🙂 I’ve already sent my profile to friends, saying “Check this out!”, and highly recommending you!  – Helen, California


Thank you so much for the excellent profile that you wrote! Your profile is surely more interesting and fun than mine! I truly appreciate your honest suggestions on my profile scarring people away, and you help with picking the photos. – Ching, Syracuse


Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! You did a GREAT job on my profile!:) For not knowing me, it was quite impressive. Again, THANK YOU for all of your help! When I have a chance I will check out your new website.  – Ann Marie, Louisiana


Hello, That was fast! 😊 I really like the profile and I am excited to start using it. Thank you very much. I have two questions, though. Would you be able to help me come up with a catchy username and dating headline? Shamera, Arlington


This is great, thank you so much! – Adrianna, Tampa FL


Wow – I never would have written that but I like it.  What kind of pics do you need.  Let me sit with it a few and let it sink it but most of it sounds right.  – Sarah, Corpus Christi


Thanks for the profile. I sound awesome! Do you know what the best dating sites are for New York City singles looking to day within the city? Some sites start with a 30 mike range, which is way out of Manhattan. Thank you.  Isabel, Tulsa


You have been such a wonderful help! Thank you for the creative words and thinking of me for the opportunity!  – Jackie, Newport
Joshua – Thank you, again, for agreeing to write my profile for me.  I appreciate it very much.  It is very good, thank you.  It is more conversational than I would have thought and is definitely better than what I have done on my own.  I have a question for you…  – Trista, Columbus
Hi Josh, Wow I totally would not have written anything like that! It’s really fun though. I like it 🙂  Atoosa, Lubbock 
Amanda, The profile you prepared really covers what I wanted to express but you said it the best. Thank you. – Jada, Atlanta
“…Thank you again. The profile is amazing.” – Chrissy, New Haven

Thank you! 🙂 – Jessie, Hillsboro

U all did a fantastic job!  I’m impressed !  Thank u! – Cynthia, San Francisco
That sounds wonderful. Thank you so much!! – Sandy, – Port Townsend  
Hi Joshua,
 Thank you for writing my profile. I’ll probably change a few things, but other than that it looks good to go. I’ve been telling my sphere of influence about your full service package. Hopefully that will send some more clients your way! Take care and buona fortuna!
 Jane – Coconut Grove
You guys a wrote my profile for me last August or September.  The profile you wrote was fantastic, it led to an awesome first date and now I am engaged to an amazing man!! – Jana, Williamsburg
Thank you Amanda.  You definitely put my thoughts in a well written format. Greatly appreciated.  – Janet, Akron
 I like it a lot! Thank you, Joshua! – Ann – Boca, Florida
Hi Amanda,  Thank you so much for the profile! It’s really nice. I’m tweaking it a bit so it’s a little more representative of “my” voice, but really well done! I think, for now, I will try my hand at online dating on my own (of course with your excellent profile) and see how I go. If I change my mind about Next Evolution Matchmaking I will let you know, and thank you for the invitation.  Kindest regards, Amy – San Diego
It’s great!  Thank you!! – Jordan, Piscataway

You guys are fantastic! Awesome idea for a typical Friday night. This would never even cross my mind. All I have to do now is measure up 🙂 . I am very happy with the profile as is now. Thank you so much again. You are doing an absolutely fabulous job!!” – Eliza, Long Beach

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly with an amazing profile. I loved it and have already posted it on OkCupid…. Again, I am very impressed with my new profile. Thank you so very very much!! – Amy, La Jolla, CA
“Thank you for sending this through. I like it! It’s really quite revolutionary. Thanks a lot!  Question though – would the writers be able to choose a username for me to go along with this profile? I honestly will suffer sleepless nights trying to come up with something on my own. Kindly.  Sincerely,  Janet” Janet, Boca, Florida
“Joshua,  That’s great, that you offer that option to do that…pausing the coaching till a later time. Thank you!  I will take you up on that 🙂  In the meantime, I just want to say…  It has been a great experience,  having you coach me thru these online challenges. It surely exceeded my expectations. You have giving  me some valuable advice and answers to some of these crazy behaviors, not to mention that you always responded in a timely manner!   Thank you:)” – Vicki, Ontario

“Hi Seth!  Thanks again for such a quick turnaround.  So much appreciated!  Best, Sheri” – Sheri, Oswego 

 “Thank you for the awesome profile. I’m going to read through it more carefully tomorrow, but I’m really impressed on how coherent and likeable you’ve made me -lol.” – Catherine, Riverside
“I absolutely love this profile!  You did amazing work – I actually sound interesting 🙂 . So when I have a decent number of pics, do I send them to you to review or the main inbox I sent the questionnaire to originally? Thanks, Tammy” – Tammy, Boise
“HI guys! I really like it. Very well written. Am I also able to give you photos to review? Thanks, Carrie” – Carry, De Moines
“Hi Alex,  Thanks for the beautifully written profile!”  – Amanda, Huntington 
Thanks Joshua! I appreciate the profile! Ok, I’ll see what happens with Match 😛. If I have some time this morning, maybe I’ll send you a couple of photos to check out and see what you think! Thanks again. – Camille, Galloway
Thank you for all your help! Now I feel like I should let you know how I make out lol 🙂 – Kristina, Eltingville
Thank you so much for writing this awesome profile. Has lots of fun and adventure to it!

Thanks for Joshua’s offer to be apart of his VIP service but think I’ll pass for now. Would like to see how this internet dating with this new profile works out first. Will keep all you’re info for possible future use or questions.

Your service is great and will recommend it to others.

Thanks again,
– Maggie, Virginia Beach

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