Why Isn’t He Responding Online

Why Isn’t He Responding Online?  7 Adjustments You May Need To Make.


By Joshua Pompey


Are you an incredible catch, but consistently find yourself asking the question, “Why doesn’t he respond online?”  I understand how frustrating this can be, but don’t panic.  With the right adjustments, your response rate can be drastically improved.  Below are some changes you might want to implement immediately if men don’t seem to be responding to your messages online.

1.  Your photos may need work


You may be an attractive woman, but if you don’t know how to take pictures that spark attraction, you will struggle to receive responses online.


Putting together the right photos is something that you should put a lot of time and effort into before you even think about sending out messages.  In fact, some of my clients spent more than a month acquiring the right photos, with the understanding that all this hard work will eventually yield huge dividends.


Your photos should not only showcase you in a flattering light, but should also present a visual slideshow of what it would feel like to be in a relationship with you.


Not sure how to do this?  No worries, I got you!  For a free guide on how to put together a photo gallery that will yield incredible results, you can read this complete guide to online dating photos that I wrote.

2.  Your profile writing needs an overhaul


You could be the most engaging person in every room you walk into, but if you can’t establish what makes you awesome through the written word, that won’t matter at all.  When a man reads your profile he needs to instantly feel a strong desire to interact with you.


When we create profiles for customers, we like to write in a manner that is fun, playful, unique, conversational, and confident.  We also avoid cliches, red flags, negative vibes, and any language that might be mistaken for sounding desperate or needy.


Not sure if your profile is good enough?  Go back and re-read it, then ask yourself the question, would someone remember your profile long after they finish reading it?  If the answer is no, you need to go back to the drawing board.  If you need a little professional help, you can click here.


3.  Your messages aren’t engaging enough


If you have a well-written profile and photos that spark attraction, you are two thirds of the way there.  Now you need to finish that job with emails that match the intrigue of the profile.


The best emails are similar to the best profiles in that they are fun, playful, and engaging.  They should also be easy to respond to, shouldn’t feel like homework, and should implement questions that make someone excited to respond.


4.  You aren’t ending your emails with questions


It’s critical to keep the conversation going by ending your message with a question.  If you don’t to this, you put all the responsibility on the other person to think of new ways to keep the conversation going.


With so many distractions in the online dating world, as well as the “real world,” you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to respond.


5.  Your emails come off as disengaged


Emails that are extremely brief or lacking in enthusiasm will communicate to the other person that you are not that interested, regardless of your intentions.


Never end an email in a statement and always try to show that you are engaged in the conversation.  I know emailing can get a bit tedious, but you have to put the effort in.  Being playful, engaging, fun, and showing genuine interest will go a long way.


6.  Your emails are way too long


Another reason he may not be responding to your messages online is because they take too long to read and respond to.  These days people don’t want to commit too much time towards getting to know someone prior to a date, or at the minimum, until they are texting.


If it takes someone more than 5 minutes to read and respond to your email, it’s probably too long.  2-3 minutes is ideal.


7.  You are getting too personal.


Online is not the place to delve into deep questions or get overly personal with your questioning.  Keep things fun and interesting with the focus on building your way towards an encounter.  Save the questions that require deep introspection for a date.


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