The Top Strategies Our Professional Profile Writers Use

Write Like A Pro:  The Top Strategies Our Professionals Use For Writing An Online Dating Profile

By Joshua Pompey



Ready to sit down and write that perfect profile?  If you are going to take the extremely important task of writing an online dating profile into your own hands, then you need to make sure you have a plan in place.


Listed below are the strategies that our professional profile writers use when they write online dating profiles for clients of ours all over the world.  If you are able to implement these strategies and profile tips properly, you will see a tremendous difference in your overall results and ability to attract quality men online.


The Structure


Our profile writers create a series of mini paragraphs, each having a specific individual focus.  Each paragraph will flow like a well written story, providing the reader with two potential paths:


1. The opportunity to enjoy the well written story. 2. The ability to skim for information if he is in a rush.  In a world of limited attention spans, accommodating various styles of reading is essential.


Demonstrating Diversity


Each paragraph we write always has a different focus.  One might highlight your job, one might highlight your adventurous spirit, and one might highlight your day to day passions. The more diverse a picture we paint when writing an online dating profile, the more interesting we become, and ultimately, the more men we attract.


Adding Playfulness


Reading profiles can be incredibly monotonous after a while. Adding humor and playfulness to your profile writing is the key to breaking the boredom and holding a man’s attention.


Not only does humor help liven things up, but it will make men think that you are going to be a fun date as well, and thus, will increase your chances of receiving one.


Using Profile Bait


Profile bait is a strategy that “baits” men into sending you a message.  If I were to post a picture of myself in an exotic location and write a caption that says, “Drinks on me if you can guess where I am!” then I am baiting a man into a conversation.


The same strategy can and should be used within your profile writing as well.  This will greatly increase the amount of messages that come your way.


Showcasing A Unique Personality


When a man reads your profile, your personality should explode off the page.  Even if you aren’t outgoing, your profile writing should sound like you and not the next one hundred profiles a man reads.


The goal is to write in a manner that reflects how you would interact with others in real life if you were attempting to be your most charming self.  Anything less just isn’t good enough.


For online dating profile examples that showcase how to do this properly, read this article:  3 Profile examples that will help you to attract higher quality men


Add sensory details


Incorporating imagery and descriptive language will help your writing to avoid that boring feel of just listing personality traits and interests.  By using descriptive language and the right adjectives, your profile will feel much more  alive.


Create a personal experience for the reader


Of course you aren’t going to allow just one person to read your profile, nor is that possible.  But you can psychologically make it feel as if you are directly talking to the reader.  How?  By asking questions in your profile to your audience.  “I love to travel and cannot wait until my next trip overseas!  All suggestions are welcome!”  This also serves as profile bait as well.


Want a little professional help?


Our professional profile writers have years of experience implementing these strategies to absolute perfection.  To learn how you could have one of my world class profile writers craft your profile, completely risk free, visit this page.  We have success rates of over 99% since 2009!


And if you’d like to have your profile personally crafted by yours truly, feel free to check out one of my custom coaching packages by visiting this page.  Spots are limited, but if they are full I will be happy to put you on the waiting list.

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