how long should you wait to reply online

How Long Should You Wait To Online? 


By Joshua Pompey


One of the more frequent questions I’m asked is, “How long should I wait to reply on online?”  The answer to that question will vary, depending on the dating platform you are using, as well as the person you are talking to.  While there is no one size fits all answer, below are some important guidelines you should follow.

how long should you wait to reply on a dating site

Responding on desktop oriented sites


When dealing with sites such as, Eharmony, and Elite Singles that lean more towards desktop use, one or two replies per day is usually sufficient.


Most men and women using these platforms typically don’t check their messages all day long, so you can wait a reasonable amount of time prior to responding.  In addition, messages sent on these sites are generally lengthier than messages sent on swiping platforms.  For all these reasons, one or two emails per day is the right balance of showing interest, but not appearing too over eager.

Response time on Swiping Oriented APPS


Dating Apps that are specifically geared towards the phone require a bit more attention.  Since the platforms lean more towards texting style interactions, the messages will be much briefer.


Just as you wouldn’t wait a full day to respond to a text, you wouldn’t wait a full day on a dating APP either.   You will have to be much more active and engaged throughout the day.  If you don’t have the time for this, swiping platforms are not for you.


So how long should you wait before responding on a dating APP?  As a rule of thumb,  try to mirror the response rate of the woman you are engaging with.  For example, if she is responding every hour or so, respond approximately every hour.  If she is responding three or four times a day, follow a similar pattern.


In the event that you are on a desktop oriented site, but she is responding in a manner that comes across more like texting, follow this swiping APP approach.


Will responding multiple times a day make me look desperate?


Only if you are responding immediately after she messages you.  You don’t want to appear as if you lurk on your dating APPS all day long.  Nor do you want to appear as if you are just waiting for her message all day long.


With that said, times have changed and people move quicker then ever on dating sites.  If you take too long to respond in a misguided effort to not appear desperate, it may just backfire and send her looking for someone who seems a bit more engaged.


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