Testimonials From Our Satisfied Clients!

Here at Joshua Pompey, we have been receiving testimonials and positive feedback since 2009.  Below are just a few dozen testimonials selected from thousands of clients we have helped over the years.

It’s been a few weeks and I’m pretty much average 3 dates a week which is mainly because I don’t have time to arrange more and I’ve become a little picky. For all of you wondering if this works, realistically I could probably have at least 10 dates a week. But let’s face it. I have to sleep and I don’t have a million dollars to date a million women. – Greg, Baltimore


The profile is great, I like how you draw the reader in by asking them questions. I had a friend read it and he also said it was great so I’m pretty excited. – Pete, Hoboken


I was a little hesitant about working with Joshua being that I am overseas and all but the language barrier was not a problem at all. He knows how to interact that way I would as opposed to a New Yorker. It was also an easy set up as everything is done via email and skype when necessary. Brilliant all around.  – James, U.K


Not going to lie Josh. I feel like kind of an idiot after hearing some of your advice. But in all seriousness, thanks for all the help man.  – Amr, Tuscon


I think I’m officially addicted to online dating. This has been a blessing and a curse. Lol  – Curtis, Las Vegas


This is freaken awesome man. One quick question though… – Phillip, Indiana


Let’s just say I needed the extra help and leave it at that. These days life is good though. I own it all to Joshua for sure. He really changed the game for me with his one on one help.  – Mathew, Bay Ridge


So first and foremost. I managed to land a second date with …. I can’t wait she is absolutely amazing. So now that that’s out of the way… One quick question… -Austin, Bradley Beach


I just started online dating after spending nearly 25 years in a marriage that unfortunately failed to work out. Jumping into the online dating scene was a whole new experience for me and let’s just say, the dating world has changed quite a bit! I thought maybe I was a little too old for something like the Joshua Pompey Process as a 58 year old man but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This made the process such a smooth and easy transition and I am truly grateful for that. – Terry, Walnut Creek


Damn dude. You made me sound amazing. I love it. – Chris, Colorado Springs


If you have a busy schedule and like to outsource all the tedious aspects of your life, this is probably the best investment you will ever make. Just be careful. All these dates can be a little addicting once you get into the flow of things. – Chris, Tangelo Park


Thanks for all your help dude. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. – Kai, Toronto


I feel like a whole different person I don’t even know what to say. Joshua knows online dating and he’s a hell of good guy. Anyone who struggles with online dating is lucky to have this guy around.  – Robin, Minnesota


This is absolutely amazing. Even though this is my life, the phrasing and character you added magnifies the effect beyond anything my skills would allow me to create. – Justin, MS


I had a hard time with online dating when I first signed up and decided to give the coaching a try along with purchasing a profile. My results have been way better than before and I’m getting a lot more hits on my profile. I appreciate Josh’s advice but even more importantly I enjoy the moral support and him having my back when I just need a little re-assurance. It’s a great service all around. – Thomas, Rochester


Let’s just say I needed the extra help and leave it at that. These days life is good though. I own it all to Joshua for sure. He really changed the game for me with his one on one help. – Mathew, Bay Ridge


A+ all around. – Taylor, Long Island


Wow. Seriously this is ridiculous. Wish I found you sooner man. I will definitely keep you posted with what goes on but can’t thank you enough. I’ll be in touch. – Gregg, Maryland


As a busy executive who barely has a minute to breath this service has been a life changer for me. Now I can focus on what I need to do and not stress about my dating life. It’s good to be in good hands like Joshua’s knowing that you could focus your energy on the other important things in your life. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to join this program. – Gary, Miami


Honestly… Joshua doesn’t charge nearly enough for this service. His advice is phenomenal on every level. – Jessie, Seattle


Wow! I suddenly want to date MYSELF!! Wonderful job-Whoever that guy is you’re writing about sounds exciting! Many thanks!  – Christopher, Bakersfield

Hi Joshua,  The profile write-up is very nice! It exudes confidence, while being very inviting, which I think will be quite effective.  I just wanted to ask one quick question… – Marcus, Bakersfield
Thanks it looks great, I was on Match.com and filling it out just had a few questions. – Rob, Harrisburg

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