7 Beautiful Women Share Their Best Online Dating Tips For Men

7 Beautiful Women Reveal Their Best Online Dating Tips for Men

By Joshua Pompey

Sure, you could take my advice when it comes to online dating.  Just search this website and you’ll find plenty of my online dating tips for men.  But isn’t everything just way more entertaining when it comes from a beautiful woman?  Let’s just go with that strategy today!

I recently sat down with 7 stunning women who currently belong to various online dating sites.   But these weren’t just any women.  These were women who average over 100 messages a week.  And guess what? They are absolutely dying to find a meaningful relationship online.

Although they refused to marry me despite my claim to superior Joshua Pompey genes (I had to try right?), I did manage to receive some really incredible feedback from these beautiful women.  Each of the following women were asked to reveal their best online dating tips for men. Let’s take a look at what they had to say…

Amy a Match.Com user from Florida’s best online dating tip for men:  “Use your pictures to show me what you are really like”

I feel like so many profile pictures are completely lame.  Don’t just write about what you’re like.  Prove it. Use your photo gallery to show me what you are really like.

When I look at a your pictures I want to know more about you than what you look like. The last thing I want to see is what you and your bathroom mirror look like with some lame selfie.  I want to know what your friends are like.  What you like to do for fun?  Are you going to sit on the couch all day or travel the world with me?  

McKenzie a Match.Com user from California’s best online dating tip for men:  “I don’t want to be pen pals.”

What is it with all the men on these sites that will send out dozens of emails without asking me out!  I can’t even deal.  Sometimes I take matters into my own hands and give out my number to avoid emailing for a weeks on end.

Call me old fashioned, but as a woman, I don’t want to be the aggressor.   Guys, if I’m responding for days, it means I’m interested!   Ask me for my number after a few emails and let’s take the conversation to an actual date.

Amanda an OkCupid user from New Jersey’s best online dating tip for men: “Stop telling me what a great guy you are and show me instead with your actions.”

 I’m sorry if this sounds mean, but when you message me with a long list of reasons of why I should date you, you sound like you are begging me for a date.   That’s not a turn on!  

Stop telling me what a great guy you are in your first email and show me instead with your actions. If you want to show me that you are worth getting to know than just be interesting and I’m sure I’ll realize. 

Ann Marie, an OkCupid user from Louisiana’s best online dating tip for men:  “I am not going to take you seriously if you write like a 5 year old.”

The other day I came across this super hot, successful looking guy. But he had a profile filled with careless errors that even my 9 year old nephew wouldn’t make.

I’m sorry but if you aren’t even taking the time to proof read your profile, I’m just going to assume you are a lazy deadbeat. I just can’t take you seriously if you my little nephew writes better than you. 

Kirsten, A Plenty Of Fish user from Denver’s best online dating tip for men:  “Don’t try to run game on me.  You’re not fooling anyone!

I swear, I think some men just google online dating pick up lines and paste the first line they see to every women they encounter.  Do these men even read half the ridiculous lines they write?!   I’ve once received the same insane line about rubbing avocado all over my body from two separate men in a month!   Can we say crazy?

Then there are the wannabe pick up artists who come across as completely lame and disingenuous.  Don’t try to run game on me.  You’re not fooling anyone!  Just be interesting and stop trying to be someone you aren’t.

Evelyn, A Match.Com user from Edmonton’s best online dating tip for men:  “Please please please make me laugh!”

Please don’t just say what’s up in your opening email.  I’m sure you are totally a nice guy, but I will never respond to an email like that.  It’s beyond boring.  If you are funny, then you are ridiculously more likely to receive a response. Please please please make me laugh!   I will be so grateful.

Theresa a J-date user from New York’s best online dating tip for men:  “Do I look like a prostitute to you?”

It amazes me how many men seem like nice guys, then 2 emails later or in a text message, start hinting at a one night stand.  Umm.  Gross.   Do I look like a prostitute to you?  

I’m perfectly capable of finding someone to “take me places I’ve never been” without having an online stranger’s assistance.  Thanks but no thanks.  Please don’t proposition me for a hookup when I am clearly online to find a relationship.

Well, you’ve heard from the women out there.  Now it’s time to start making the necessary adjustments…

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