Can you dress your way to a date?

Can you dress your way to a date?

A study by online fashion retailer, Psyche, reveals that how you dress can significantly impact the number of matches you receive on popular dating app, Tinder.

Psyche set up two separate Tinder profiles and ran them for a period of two weeks each to find out if dressing the part actually helped online daters. Apart from the photos used, the profiles were identical and targeted an 18-35 age range and 20 km distance from a central UK location. Using the same model, each profile displayed a different approach to personal style. One showcased the ‘stylish modern man’, dressed in designer clothing by Psyche’s fashion buyers, the other a ‘casual low effort’’ look with little focus on clothing or style.

The experiment revealed that clothing really does make the man, with a 400% increase in matches for the ultra stylish Tinder profile who received 72 matches over the two week period, compared to just 18 matches for the low effort look.

So how can you make sure your profile is the one attracting those all important swipes? Here’s our top tips for making sure you get the match you want.

How to create a swipe worthy profile

Make a style statement

We’ve proved that making the effort with your clothes makes a difference when it comes to online dating, so make sure you that it reflects your own personal style. If you do manage to secure that date, remember to make the same effort with your outfit on the day. If your profile shows you dressed in your sharpest suit, go for a ‘more smart than casual’ look that shows you’ve put some thought into your look, not sweatpants and an old t-shirt.

Show your sense of humour

Your style is important but you also need to show potential matches that you know how to have a good time – so make sure you inject some of your personality in your profile! Make a joke and let your potential matches know you have a great sense of humour

Avoid snaps of the ex

You may look fantastic in that romantic shot of you and your ex-girlfriend on the beach, but for potential matches, it’s a definite red flag. It should also go without saying that you avoid photos from your past weddings, regardless of how good you look in a suit! Photos with an ex can lead people to think you’re just after a casual ‘hook up’ rather than a serious relationship.

Take time with your bio

If you only have 50 words to describe yourself, don’t waste it! Use your profile bio as a way to show who you are. Be honest and open and think about what really makes you unique. Don’t make the mistake of using your bio to boast about your gym habits or your political views, this is a platform to show yourself off and make people want to find out more.

Do a ‘bad taste’ check

It’s amazing how many people still don’t check over their profiles to make sure they haven’t put their foot in it with bad taste photos and comments. The easiest way to make sure your profile passes the taste test is to look at it as if you’re a future employer viewing a CV, would you want to hire this person? Consider your language and remove any photos that could be classed as ‘bad taste’. That fancy dress outfit might have gone down a storm with the guys, but it probably won’t have the same effect on potential matches.

Lose the group shots

Potential matches should be able to clearly spot who you are in a photo, not trying to pick you out of a huge group of guys on holiday. One group shot in the mix of your solo shots is enough to show people that you’re a fun, sociable person, but make sure they know exactly who they’re swiping for!

Don’t set boundaries

Your profile is there to attract a match, don’t scare them off at first glance by adding a list of ‘rules’ to your bio. Even if you do favour brunettes or someone who can run the same distance as you, keep your profile open and friendly to avoid coming across as someone who is overly domineering. Telling matches exactly what you want is an easy way to ensure they swipe left.

Ditch the old photos

It’s one of the worst things you can do on your online dating profile, yes we’re talking about relying on old photos. If your hairline has changed dramatically, or your 6 pack has long since abandoned you, don’t try and fool others with an outdated college photo. Yes, you may end up getting a date, but your match may end up leaving disappointed. Be honest and take our advice for styling your profile, with the right clothes and confidence in yourself you’re set for dating success.

You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so making an effort with your style is a must when creating the perfect online dating profile. Ask a friend to take top quality shots on a decent camera and choose your outfits carefully, you don’t have to be top to toe in designer clothing, but a well thought out look can make all the difference when a potential dating match is swiping!


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