How To Start Conversations Online That Will Make Women Chase You

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How To Start Conversations Online That Will Make Women Chase You


Learning how to start conversations online that will make women chase you is a lot easier than you might think.

Even if you haven’t had the best luck in the past, I can assure you, I’ve witnessed countless clients watch their response rates go through the roof after making the right adjustments.

Having success is all about implementing the right strategy, using techniques that work, and finding ways to maximize the interest and attraction being built into every conversation you start.

In this article I’d like to go through 5 emailing tips that will help you to drastically improve the response rates of the conversations you start with women online

1.  Subtly create social value

Social value is a quality that women are instinctively attracted to.  To put it simply, having social value implies that you have value in society.

One of the best ways to demonstrate social value is to show that you have an active social life and other people enjoy being around you.  This can easily be implemented at the end of all your initial emails.

Let’s suppose I just started a conversation online that is funny, engaging, and an all around solid effort.  Now it’s time to end the email.  I want to use this as an opportunity to display the social value that I just mentioned.  The ending of my email might look something along the lines of:

“Anyway, I’m about meet up with friends for a little birthday gathering so I have to run, but looking forward to hearing from you.  Talk to you soon.  Night!”

Adding this ending to all my emails comes across as very natural and subtly implies that I have an active social life, places to go, and people to see, which are all positives that demonstrate social value.

Even if am really just sitting on the couch, ending every email saying I’m meeting up with friends is very beneficial towards my end goal.

2.  Create demand for yourself when starting conversations online

Let’s go back to previous example mentioned in tip 3.   In that example, I show a whole lot of confidence when I end my email with, “looking forward to hearing from you.”

Phrasing my language in this manner communicates that I know she will write me back and expect it, which is a lot different from saying, “hope to hear from you.”  I am very subtly creating demand for myself through the words that I use.

In the online dating world, every choice you make with the words you implement can have a big effect on how you are perceived.

Another example could be using her profile as a tool to create demand.  Suppose she has a very short profile that is only 3 sentences total.  I could say something along the lines of, “Come on now, I know you are cute and all, but why the super short profile?  How are you going to win over the best guys like me with that… ; ) ”

Then I could follow that line up with something that shows I am teasing her, along with a follow up question, such as, “So tell me, since your profile doesn’t say all that much about you, if you could ditch work tomorrow and do anything, what would it be?  I may just have to join you if it’s something good…”

All of this creates demand for myself and shows plenty of confidence as well.

3. Start conversations online that infuse plenty of humor

Speaking of creating demand, the guys who are always in the most demand, are guys that are funny. Learning how to start conversations online that make women laugh will light a fire under your response rate.

The best type of humor to use in an opening email is humor that playfully teases the woman you are attempting to win over, while simultaneously demonstrating confidence and likable qualities.

Let’s say I was messaging a much older woman who is 45 and for arguments sake, let’s pretend I was 30.

I might say something along the lines of,  “So here’s the thing.  I know your profile says you are looking for a man between the ages of 42 and 52, and I’m only 32, but I’m thinking with my extra charm, wit (and handsome good looks?), we can add at least an extra 10 years to my age.  We should probably talk no?”

This has been proven to be enormously successful with clients of mine seeking older women and is just one of the countless ways that humor can be implemented online.  This line along with dozens of others can be found in The Joshua Pompey Process, Course 6

4.  Communicate that you are different

Let’s go back to the previous example of hitting on older women.  This type of original thinking separates you from the hundreds of other younger guys who approached these older women in boring and uninspired ways.  It’s different, unique, and fun.

This type of approach needs to be taken with all women, regardless of age or background.  The good news is, once you have a bunch of openers that are proven to work at your disposal, you can use them again and again.

I have openers that come across as completely unique for doctors, lawyers, artists, younger women, etc.  At the end of the day, almost every beautiful girl I ever went on a date with at some point told me, your email was unique and funny which is why I responded.  That’s what it’s all about.  Show you are different.

5.  Simplify the process of responding

People are busy these days.  Especially beautiful women.  And the online dating overload that beautiful women often face makes it very unlikely that you will receive a response unless you simplify the process as much as possible.

Your email should take no more than 30 seconds to read.  Should take no more than 30 seconds to respond to.  And should end with a question that is interesting to her, but doesn’t require too much thinking.

Your best bet is to find whatever it is that she is most passionate about in her profile, since everybody’s favorite subject is themselves.  If you could find something she is passionate about that you also share a passion for, even better.

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