7 Profile Writing Tips That Will Instantly Boost Your Results

7 Profile Writing Tips that Will Instantly Boost Your Results



Not attracting enough women online?  If this is the case, chances are your profile writing could use a little work.  In the online world, learning how to write an online dating profile that is optimized to perfection is critical to your success.


In this article I am going to provide you with 7 of my best profile writing tips for men.  Implement these correctly, and you should instantly see a dramatic boost in your results.


1.  The Presentation Is Critical


Think about the last time you saw a profile that was one giant paragraph.  Did you actually read it?  Or did your eyes immediately glaze over?


Learning how to write an online dating profile is about more than just the words you write.  The presentation will greatly affect whether or not a woman reads it.  Notice how this article is written in mini paragraphs of 2-3 sentences each.  This presentation makes you exponentially more likely to read the whole thing, and at the minimum, allows you to scan for important information.


When you write your online dating profile, make sure it’s user friendly for your audience.  5-7 paragraphs broken into 2-3 sentences each is ideal.


2.  Sprinkle Humor Throughout Your Writing


On average, I receive 10 to 15 emails a week telling me how funny my profile is.  Funny men are incredibly attractive to women.  And learning how to write an online dating profile that is funny amongst a sea of incredibly boring profiles only makes this asset all the more powerful.


If you can make a woman laugh in your profile, she will be infinitely more confident that a 1st date with you will be worth her while.  Just make sure you use the right kind of humor.  Avoid self-deprecating humor and sarcasm.


3.  Avoid speaking in cliches and market yourself properly


Your profile is a direct marketing pitch as to why a woman should choose what you are selling over every other guy.  If you appear to be exactly the same as the next 100 products (Profiles), why would a woman choose you?


If you want to turn yourself into an in demand item, avoid writing in cliches and talk about yourself in a manner that makes your personality pop off the page.  When a woman finishes reading your profile, she should not only want to talk to you.  She should feel as if she will be missing out if she doesn’t.


4.  Demonstrate diversity


The best looking women have a lot of options.  So make your option the best one.  The more diversity you demonstrate, the more hobbies you emphasize, and the more passions you showcase, the more attractive you consequently become.


And if you don’t have that many hobbies or interests, consider that a wake up call and get started today on making this happen.  Life gets busy for all of us.  But we can’t just stop living.  If you don’t even think you are interesting, then other women definitely won’t!


5.  Choose words and phrases that convey confidence


Women are extremely attracted to confidence.   It is critical that you learn how to write a profile filled with words and phrases that demonstrate you are a man who is confident, in demand, and loves his life.


For example, stating that you “hope to meet someone,” or “really want to find a relationship” shows a complete lack of confidence. But stating that you are “loving love and are excited about the possibility of bringing someone special along for the ride,” creates an entirely different perception.   Make sure you always avoid weak words and phrases that unintentionally kill attraction.


6.  Learn how to write an online dating profile that incorporates profile bait


This is the act of baiting women into a question.  “Life is all about new experiences and I am always looking forward to that next big trip.  All recommendations are fully welcome…”  This type of profile statement baits the reader into emailing you a recommendation or discussing travel with you.


7.  Infuse as many attraction builders as you can in your profile


There are 10 fundamental ways to build attraction, all having nothing to do with the looks you were born with. Two of them were discussed in this article; Confidence and humor.  The more you infuse these attraction builders into every word you write in your profile, the more successful you will be.  There are 10 in total and the amount of ways to infuse them into your profile writing is only limited to your imagination.


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