Not Getting Responses On OkCupid? 5 Ways I Attracted A Perfect Woman

Not Getting Responses On OkCupid?

5 Ways I Attracted A Perfect Woman

By Joshua Pompey

In this article you will learn:

  • The main reasons you are not getting responses on OkCupid
  • The importance of sparking attraction properly
  • How to take the focus off your looks
  • The 3 staples of online dating success

See that beautiful woman in the picture above?  That’s my incredible wife.  Believe it or not, she’s even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. 

As you probably guessed from the title of this article, we met on OkCupid. The second I saw her I crafted a witty message, we began to chat, and the rest was history.

But here’s the thing.  I wasn’t always an expert at online dating.  When I first started online dating over a decade ago, nobody would answer a single email of mine.  But eventually I learned how to get responses at a rate that I couldn’t even keep up with. 

Luckily for you, I’ve already done all the heavy lifting.   All you have to do is soak up the knowledge.  So if you are not getting responses on OkCupid, here’s a little insight into how you could right the ship.

How to Get Responses On OkCupid

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1. Learn How To Spark Attraction Properly 

There is an entire science to building attraction.  But the basics are fairly simple.

As men, a woman’s physical appearance is what sparks the most attraction in us.  Qualities such as healthy skin, a curvy body, nice hair, and great smile will create an instant chemical reaction.

Women are also wired to respond to a man’s physical appearance.  But luckily, this plays a much less of a dominant role in the grand scheme of things.

Females are instinctively attracted much more to a man’s internal qualities and personality traits than to a man’s physical appearance. Examples of internal qualities that spark attraction are confidence, humor, and social value.

I have found that there are 10 fundamental traits that are extremely effective at sparking an attraction and unlimited ways to apply them online. Once you learn what these triggers are and infuse them into every aspect of your online dating life, you will be able to spark an instant attraction with just about any woman.

2. Get More Responses By Taking The Focus Off Your Looks

Suppose I posted several pictures of myself standing alone, coupled with a 3 sentence profile that is filled with cliches.  Any woman who arrives at my profile is only going to focus on my looks.

Why?  Because I haven’t done anything else to spark attraction.  Remember, focusing on internal qualities that spark attraction is the key to success. 

I haven’t created demand for myself.  I haven’t made her laugh.  I haven’t shown drive.  I haven’t demonstrated social value.  Etc.  Unless I am ridiculously good looking, no woman on OkCupid is going to respond to me!

But suppose I post a photo gallery that shows me with friends and family, on random adventures, and engaged in various hobbies.  Let’s take that a step further and combine it with a profile that makes women laugh, exudes confidence, and shows the drive and diversity that any woman would want to settle down with.

Suddenly my looks will matter a whole lot less.  The more you focus on sparking attraction in ways that have nothing to do with your looks, the less your birth looks will matter.

The less physically attractive you are, the more important it is amplify your best internal qualities even more.  In my course series, The Joshua Pompey Process you can learn countless ways to accomplish this.

3. Use The Unique Format Of OkCupid To Your Advantage

One of the great things about OkCupid is that it provides some very unique opportunities to be creative with your profile.  Sections such as, “6 things I could never live without,” or “The first thing people usually notice about me,” provide a lot of opportunity for humor.

Sure you could go the serious route with these sections, but nothing attracts women more than humor on a dating site.  Just about every woman I ever dated online, including my wife, told me that the reason they went out with me was because my profile was hysterical and that my email made them laugh.

Are those the only reasons women went out with me?  No.  Nor do we want our entire profiles to be jokes.  There needs to be a balance.  But if I were to rank all the qualities that build attraction, humor might be at the top of the list.

4. You Need To Look The Part

I bet if you were to look at the picture of me at the top of this page you’d think I’m a pretty stylish guy huh?  The truth is, I have no sense of style.  My friend who works at a suit shop dressed me for the day from head to toe.  If I wanted to create photos for an online photo gallery, I would have him pick out the clothes for all my pictures.

Why?  Because woman on OkCupid will make a lot of judgements about your appearance, even if those thoughts aren’t conscious.  Not only will the right style make you look exponentially more attractive, but dressing well will show a woman that she can proudly walk with you amongst her friends and family.

Dressing well also reveals that you have it together, know how to take care of yourself, possess alpha male qualities, and for lack of a better description, are a cool guy.  I know, I know, there’s nothing cool about how I just explained that.  But you get the point.

In addition, getting yourself in proper shape is extremely important.  Is this a deal breaker?  Definitely not.  But it always helps.

If you can’t even take care of yourself, is a woman instinctively going to feel that you can take care of her and a family one day?  In addition, showing that you take care of your body taps into multiple internal qualities that women are instinctively attracted to – most notably, that you are an alpha.

5. The 3 Pillars Must Stand Strong

There are 3 pillars to a successful online dating life.  The photos, the profile writing, and the email writing.  If the foundation on one of these is weak, you will inevitably fail to get responses on OkCupid.  There’s just too much noise and competition online to have any weaknesses.

As much as I wish I could teach you how to perfect these 3 pillars in 10 minutes or less, this will require a little homework or outsourcing on your end.  You’ll either have to educate yourself by reading some more of my free articles, download The Joshua Pompey Process, or enlist some professional profile help to set things up for you.

Regardless of whether or not you invest in the process financially or if you embark on your education for free, make the effort to perfect these 3 Pillars of success.  When you do so at the highest level, your response rate on OkCupid will explode.

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