Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work For Most Men (And how to make it work for you)

Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work For Most Men (And how to make it work for you)

By Joshua Pompey

The sad truth about online dating is that for most men, online dating doesn’t work. Millions of men enter the experience filled with hope and excitement, and ultimately leave feeling frustrated, angry, or inadequate.
As awful as this experience can be, it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is, online dating can work for any man without a shadow of a doubt.  I would know.  I’ve personally watched it happen for close to a decade with clients all over the world.
It’s just a matter of putting the right process into place. Once you learn how to do this, online dating will not only work for you, but you will be attracting the most beautiful women out there.
While putting together a process that works can be rather extensive, today I’m going to help get you started. In this article I will discuss several of the most common reasons online dating doesn’t work for most men, along with several ways you can make adjustments that will bring you success.

1. Having a weak link in the chain

I’d like you to think of online dating as a 3 legged stool. One leg is the written profile. One leg is the photo gallery. And one leg is the email. If even one of these legs is broken, what happens?  

In the online dating world, all 3 of three legs are equally important. If even one is not implemented correctly, your chances of anything more than moderate success with women online will be slim to none, so make sure you put forth a maximum effort on all fronts.

2. Underestimating the importance of profile writing

Profile writing is arguably the hardest part of the online dating process, and thus, often gets backseat treatment to the photos and emails. This is a big mistake.

Women may respond to your photos and emails, but they will ultimately wait until they read your profile before deciding whether or not to write you back. This is the final gate between you and a response. If you want that gate to open, your profile needs to focus on generating interest and attraction with every word.

3. Not understanding the difference between men and women

One of the biggest keys to finding success with online dating is understanding that men and women experience attraction differently. While men place the most emphasis on physical beauty, women respond much more to the internal characteristics and personality traits of a man.

This needs to be taken into strong consideration with every action you take online. For example, of course you must look socially presentable and create a nice appearance in your profile. But having a profile that is filled with family photos, adventure pictures, friends, hobbies, interests, and more, will cause a woman to feel much more attracted to you than the slightly better looking guy with a bunch of solo shots.

This understanding of how women experience attraction must be taken into consideration at all times.

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4. Failing to stand out from the pack

There is a whole lot of competition out there. This may sound bad, but your competition is actually your best friend. There are so many bad profiles and terrible emails crossing the paths of women each day, that when you learn how to rise above the mediocrity and stand out, the competition will help you to shine that much brighter.

How do you do this? Well, we could write several books on this subject (which I have!), but to sum up hours of explanation, the best way to stand out is to avoid cliches, be creative, show diversity, and perhaps most importantly, make women laugh. Laughter is far and away the easiest way to make women want to be around you and see what you’re all about.

5. Working hard instead of working smart

A lot of men will log on multiple times a day and rack their brains trying to think of something clever to say every time they see a profile they like.

Yes, you have to be creative, unique, funny, and interesting to get a response from a woman who is in high demand. But that doesn’t mean you have to re-invent the wheel every time.

If I have an opener that I know works well on doctors, I can use that opener on every single doctor I encounter. The same applies to lawyers, dog lovers, football fans, etc. As long as I add one tiny detail, such as addressing them by their username to make it clear I’m not just spamming pick up lines, I’m good to go.

Sending out 5 emails a day should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. If you do this five times a week, and receive a response rate of close to 50% (more than reasonable with the right system), you’ll have enough dates to last you a lifetime. If online dating is going to work for you, you need to work smart, not hard.

Ready to finally start making online dating work for you?

It’s all about finding the right process and putting yourself in the best position for success.

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