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The 5 Types of Men That Never Have Online Dating Success 


By Joshua Pompey



Have you been struggling to find true online dating success?  I’m talking about the type of success that allows you to date whoever you want, whenever you want.


If this is the case, you may accidentally be falling into a category of men that women tend to steer clear of online.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you belong in that category.  It’s just the perception you have created.  And in the online world, perception is everything.


If you happen to fall into one of the categories listed below, you will need to make some immediate adjustments to your overall online dating persona.  And if you aren’t sure, I highly recommend signing up for a free profile evaluation here.


The Super Nice Guy Category


The super nice guy is always trying to show how nice he is.  He declares he is a nice guy in his profile.  He compliments women in his emails.  And he makes it crystal clear that he will bend over backwards for the right woman.


If you are a nice guy, that is a huge asset.  The world needs more nice guys and women will appreciate this quality once they are in a relationship with you.  But appearing too nice too soon will only destroy attraction.  Men who act too nice too soon are often viewed as pushovers or desperate.


Women want men who appear to be in high demand, not men who will bend over backwards for an opportunity.  So wait until attraction has been firmly established before you kick the nice guy behavior into full gear.  You can and should still be nice, just find the balance.


The Lonely Guy


The lonely guy can appear in many forms.  He can post a series of photos that show him in isolation.  He can write emails in a manner that reveal he hasn’t had much success with women.  He can come across as way too nice.  The list goes on and on.


In the online world, you need to present the image of a man who has a full, happy, and well-rounded life.   Create the impression that you don’t need a woman to make you happy, but rather, that adding a great woman to your already fulfilled life will make it all the more special.


The Desperate Guy


The desperate guy is similar to the lonely guy.  He is guilty of writing overly long emails, uses needy sounding language, constantly attempts to qualify to women why he is good enough, and will try to convince a woman into being attracted to him, as opposed to building attraction the natural way.


No worthwhile woman will ever fall for a man who comes across as desperate.  If you want to learn how to have online dating success, write with confidence at all times and use language that communicates you know you have it going on.


The Arrogant Guy


The arrogant guy is the type of guy that thinks he’s impressing a woman, but actually just oozes insecurity.  Trying too hard to demonstrate what makes  you great, how much money you make, and how awesome your life is will not attract a woman. Neither will bragging about your success.


Yes, you want to highlight your best self, but highlighting your best self is an art form.  It needs to be done in ways that appear completely natural and flow very subtly throughout your writing.


The Average Guy


Their is nothing fundamentally wrong with the average guy.   But there is nothing overwhelmingly great about the average guy either.


In a world of endless competition, you need to rise above average and strive for greatness to get noticed.  Every word, picture, and action you take online needs to be handled with great attention and have a specific purpose that all keeps building towards one specific goal –  to raise attraction levels and ignite extremely high levels of interest.


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