The 6 Online Profile Pictures Every Man Needs

The 6 Online Profile Pictures Every Man Needs

By Joshua Pompey

Ready to put together a photo gallery that women can’t resist?  It’s all about creating that perfect visual story, combined with a relentless infusion of attraction building qualities into each photo.

Today I’m going to share with you the 6 types of online dating profile photos you need to add to your photo gallery right now.  If you don’t have them, get ahead there and make them happen.

The Travel Profile Picture

The travel picture reveals to women that life with you won’t amount to endless nights of sitting on the couch, watching television, and getting fat on Cheetos.  You are more than that.  You are the type of guy who is open to new experiences, wants to see the world, and is perfectly content getting fat on Cheetos in fancy hotel rooms. Okay, scratch the Cheetos part.  But the rest is important.

The Excitement Profile Picture

The excitement picture shows that you aren’t just the average sissy man walking the street, prancing around like a poodle in a fresh meadow every time the sun shines  You are a man’s man who is willing to let that adrenaline flow every now and then.

Some examples of the excitement picture?  Think sky-diving for those of you who are extreme.  Skiing for the less extreme.   And photo shopping a picture of your face on Captain America in an end of the world battle scene for those of you who are truly fearful.

The Humorous Profile Picture

I know what you’re thinking.  Women hate to laugh right?  Turns out, they love to laugh!  Who would’ve thought?  So remember that ridiculous joke I made 3 seconds ago about photoshopping your face on Captain America?   Something as silly as that could actually be wildly funny.

I once had a client that took this concept and created an entire photo gallery of hysterical photo shopping scenarios.  In every picture, he photo shopped his face onto a death defying pose, or a person in an exotic location.

One even had him wrestling a tiger.  It was beyond effective at getting results.  Women who responded to his profile knew that regardless of whether or not things worked out, this guy was going to be a fun date!

The Active Profile Picture

I know, I know.  You love having a dad-bod.  But at least show that you are willing to jiggle that sexy little stomach around every now and then in some activities.

You don’t need to be an athlete or in amazing shape.  But you do need to show that you care about your health and are willing to get off the couch when it doesn’t involve grabbing another beer.  In related news, where the hell is my damn girl, I could use another beer!  Women right?!

The I Have A Social Life Profile Picture

The number one rule of online dating?  You simply must prove that you are not a serial killer.  The easiest way to prove this?  Pictures with friends of course.  Serial killers never keep their friends, they collect them in their basements, so this will instantly put you in the clear!

In all seriousness, it’s very important to showcase that people enjoy your company and vice versa.  If you can find pictures where you look like the star of the picture or the center of attention, all the better.  Just make sure your friends don’t look like Charles Manson.

The Family Profile Picture

No I’m not talking about pictures with that child you abandoned and visit once a year.  Those should be reserved for pleads to the judge only.

When it comes to online dating, showing that you are close with family, whether it is your children, mother, father, brothers, sisters, or the television that raised you growing up, will go a long way towards demonstrating to a woman that you have family values, are caring, loyal, a protector, and have love in your heart.  So round those suckers up and say cheese!  And yea, forget the TV one.  Bad idea.

Ready to take your line up an endless stream of dates online?   

Having true online dating success is about more than just your photos.  In order to have true success and live the type of life with women you’ve always dreamed of, your profile writing, photo gallery, and email writing all need to be firing on every level in perfect harmony.

My new course series, The Joshua Pompey Process, will not only teach you how to achieve perfection online, but you will learn how to automate an endless stream of dates in less than 15 minutes a day.

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