The Online Dating Indicators of Interest You Should Be Receiving

The Online Dating Indicators of Interest You Should Be Receiving

By Joshua Pompey

In the real world it’s easy to tell when a woman is interested in you.  She smiles.  She bats her eyes.  She touches your arm.  She brings you to Circus Circus, rubs low fat mayonnaise on your rear end, and proceeds to spank you as she insists you are a sad sad clown deep down inside.

Or maybe that’s just me. Strange nights in Vegas right? Now that I think about that, it doesn’t seem like she liked me very much at all!  I digress…

But on a serious note, it’s important to pay attention to indicators of interest online.   The more of these you spot, the quicker you can move in for a phone number, and the sooner you can get to a first date.

On the other hand, if you ignore these indicators of interest, a woman may become impatient and move onto the next guy.  So it’s important that you move in for the phone number before it’s too late.

So what are some of the biggest indicators of interest?

  • Exclamation points

  • Emoticons

  • Responding to your emails more than once a day

  • Multiple questions in 1 email

  • Being asked personal questions

  • Flirtatious comments

  • Emails that are medium (4-6 sentences) to above average length (multiple paragraphs)

  • 3 or more responses over the course of your exchanges that are medium to above average length

If you are consistently receiving emails that contain several of the above bullet points, you should not wait more than 4 to 6 exchanges at the most before retrieving a woman’s phone number.

And if you aren’t hitting many of the bullet points above on a consistent basis, then there are weaknesses in your emailing strategy, your profile, or both, which will need to be addressed.

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