Are Women Flaking Out On Your Emails? The Secret To Still Retrieving A Number

Are Women Flaking Out On Your Emails? The Secret To Still Retrieving A Number

By Joshua Pompey

You’ve been talking with a woman for several days.  She seems like she’s practically jumping at the chance to date you, adapt adorable little puppies together, and live happily ever after.

Then suddenly… POOF!  She’s goes completely ghost on you, never responding to your most recent email.  What about the puppies you ask.  WHAT ABOUT THE PUPPIES!  Situations like these can be frustrating beyond believe.   Well, until now.

So what do you when a woman flakes out on your emails out of nowhere?  First and foremost, make sure you didn’t accidentally write something in the previous email to scare her off.

But assuming that this isn’t the case, if a woman has been showing interest in you over several emails, she most likely just got busy and forgot to get back to you. It happens.

We live in a fast moving world these days.  People are always on the go and the more beautiful or interesting a woman is, the busier she probably is.

The dilemma in this situation is that asking her if she is still interested in a follow up email will make you look needy and desperate.   And if you send another email pretending the previous email never happened, you also look a little desperate.

The solution?  Allow 3 to 5 days to pass and then send the following email:

Hey there… So I just logged in for the first time in a few days, was reading through my emails, and realized I never heard back from you.  I’m guessing you get just as busy as I do when it comes to logging on this site.

Anyway, I don’t really check this site very often, but you do seem like one of the few people on here I wouldn’t mind getting to know more.  How about you leave me your number or shoot me a text at 555-5555 and we could see if we click that way.  I’m much better with the phone.  And don’t worry, I don’t abuse numbers.  If we don’t click, I’ll gracefully delete your number.  😉   I have to run but I’ll talk to you soon.  – Joshua”

How well does this work?  I’d say this works more than 90% of the time for my VIP clients and I.  Not bad odds for a conversation that was previously dead in the water huh?

Just remember, this only works if the woman you were talking to has been showing interest in you up until that point over the course of several emails.  If she was responding to your emails with extremely brief responses and almost no enthusiasm, this strategy will most likely fail.  But with that said, you have nothing to lose regardless.

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