Email Like A Pro: The Rules of The Online Dating Opener

Email Like A Pro:  The Rules of The Online Dating Opener

By Joshua Pompey


I’ve been writing and teaching men how to write online dating openers for a long time.  And when I say a long time… I mean a LONG time! We’re talking close to a decade here.


During this time period I’ve probably written tens of thousands of emails.  But I don’t just randomly spam out messages and hope for the best.  Some of my biggest VIP clients wouldn’t exactly be thrilled with me if that was the case.


I follow a process, stick to that process, and then rinse, recycle, and repeat.  Listed below are the main rules that I advise following when you write your online dating openers, as these rules have proven over the past decade to retrieve the highest response rates.


Always begin with humor


Over the years I’ve experimented with and acquired data on countless online dating openers.   And the openers that start off with humor have response rates that blow all other openers out of the water.   Always open your first email with humor.  No exceptions.


Use the right kind of humor


All humor is not created equal.  Avoid self-deprecating comments, sarcasm, or jokes that aggressively poke fun at a woman.  Light teasing can work extremely well, but tread carefully and understand that there is a difference between flirting and accidentally coming off as arrogant or a jerk. Emoticons and “lol’s” help to convey tone.


Focus on a commonality 


Making a woman laugh will definitely get the interest ball rolling.  But it’s not always enough for us to receive a response.  We need to follow up our playful opening with a question about something we have in common.  The more unique the commonality is, the more excited a woman will be to respond.


For example, many people love going to concerts.  But if we both happen to have the exact same favorite band, that will make a woman much more excited to talk about music with us than if we simply both enjoy live music.


Use language that conveys confidence


The importance of confidence cannot be stressed enough.  When a woman reads your online dating opener, your writing should convey the image of man who is confident and in control.  For example, never say to a woman that you hope to hear from her.  And never tell a woman to write back if she is interested.


Those are examples of “weak language” and show a lack of confidence.  Always write with the expectation that you know your target will respond.


Choose your words wisely


Each word should have a purpose.  If it doesn’t, then eliminate it.  Attention spans are short these days.  With each opener you need to cram as much interest and attraction into the fewest possible words.


The last line of your opener should always be a question


This should be obvious, but it’s still worth noting.  The goal is to make it as easy as possible for a woman to respond.  Start off with humor, then end your email with a question to ensure that it is incredibly easy for her to write back.


Be interesting with your question, not difficult


If you can come up with an interesting question, perfect.  But be careful not to ask anything that requires too much thinking.  “I see you love adventure.  What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?” might sound like an interesting question, but it puts a lot of pressure on the other person and requires them to span their entire life for an answer.  Sometimes less is more.


Implement the 2 minute Rule


It should take a woman no longer than 2 minutes to read, think of a response, and write a response to your online dating opener.  With each extra minute that passes, the statistical likelihood of a response will diminish.


Seek out the right material for repeated use


Thinking of an original and witty opener for every single woman you message would take up every minute of your life, not to mention would be nearly impossible.  You will need to either create or acquire some solid openers that you can re-use over and over.  You can find dozens in course 6 of my 9 part series, The Joshua Pompey Process.


Women must not realize you are re-using material


This is absolutely critical.  It’s okay to re-use openers.  But if a woman ever realizes you are pasting the same email to other women, she will never write back.  But don’t worry, it’s easy to keep women from realizing this.


All you have to do is copy and paste the opener into an email, and then quickly scan her profile for a quick question to ask.  This question will prove you “read” her profile.   The follow up question doesn’t have to require deep thought because the reusable portion of your opener will get her excited to write back.


Just scan the profile for a quick question to prove you looked at her profile, and if you happen to find a unique commonality or think of something above average to ask, all the better.


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