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7 Reasons Customers Continue to Choose Our Online Dating Profile Ghostwriters

By Joshua Pompey


Thinking about hiring a dating profile ghostwriter?  Learn why this could be the most valuable investment you’ll ever make.

When we first started writing dating profiles a in 2009, very few people knew we even existed. Fast forward to the present and ghostwriters for online dating profiles seem to be everywhere.


With so many companies to choose from, we know that picking the right service can be a bit overwhelming. In this article we will be sharing why customers have felt comfortable working with us for over a decade.


Our staff is trained by Joshua Pompey


There are a lot ghostwriting services out there, but there is only one Joshua Pompey. Joshua Pompey is recognized around the globe as the world’s number one online dating expert and plays an extremely active role in every aspect of the company.  All writers are trained by Joshua and held to a standard that ensures his name remains the most trusted name in online dating.


Our ghostwriters have the experience


What happens when you combine a decade of experience with training from Joshua Pompey?  You get explosive results.  When it comes to online dating, experience in this field goes a long way. With 20,000 profiles under our belt, our company knows exactly how to get results.


Our Online Dating Ghostwriters Are About Quality, Not Quantity


Some profile writing services charge as little as $35. While we know that a price point of $199 is not for everyone (we have plenty of free articles that can help you if this is the case!), quality is our number one priority.


Writing a great profile takes time, dedication, and an extremely qualified staff. Cheaper services may save you a few bucks, but will often yield you significantly worse results.  Some things in life are worth the extra investment.


Our Praise is Real & Organic


From CNBC, to Good Morning America, to The Guardian, our dating profile ghostwriters have been recognized for what we do time and time again by the biggest media outlets in the world without ever paying a cent for publicity.  Our merits were earned exclusively by hard work and a tremendous dedication to success.


We Have Plenty of Reviews


Google Joshua Pompey Profiles (or click here) and you will find plenty of reviews demonstrating our success in the field.  If you can’t trust other customers, who can you trust right?


We Understand The Psychology of Online Dating


You could be the best writer in the world, but if you don’t market yourself correctly online, you will flounder.

Our speciality lies in showcasing our customers at an optimal level, without embellishing or veering off from who they are at their core. We stay true to our clients personalities, but highlight them in ways that are extremely effective and play to the unique psychology of online dating.


We have the best refund policy


Our profile writers put our money where our mouth is.  All customers are entitled to a full refund on their profile if they are not completely satisfied.   With no hidden return fees, this is a completely risk free service with absolutely nothing to lose.  You will never find a better guarantee than ours.


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