How to Acquire The Pictures You Need When You Don’t Take Many Pictures

How to Acquire The Pictures You Need When You Don’t Take Many Pictures

By Joshua Pompey

If you’ve been following my online dating advice, perhaps by now you’ve learned that an attractive photo gallery is less about appearing physically attractive, and more about presenting the image of a man with attractive characteristics.  In order to tell a visual story that women will instinctively feel attracted to, you will want to demonstrate your hobbies, passions, interests, and most attractive personality traits.

There’s only one problem.  You’re not that type of guy that takes a lot of pictures or stops his friends for photo ops in random places.  You’d love to post pictures of yourself playing basketball, skiing, traveling, at concerts, and with friends, but you just don’t seem to have any.

Are you just completely screwed?  Not at all.  Let’s take a look at how we could easily get the online dating profile pictures we need.

Step 1:  Find a photographer.

This doesn’t have to be a professional.  It could simply be a friend or family member.  But if you don’t have someone to take pictures, you can easily hire someone online for less than 100 dollars to follow you around for a couple of hours.

If this feels like a lot of money to some of you out there, think about it in the grand scheme of things. That 100 dollars is an investment that will pay off forever once you start lining up beautiful dates on a consistent basis.

Step 2:  Create a game plan.

The idea isn’t just to take flattering pictures of yourself.  It’s to tell a visual story about what it’s like to date you.  Think about what some of your hobbies and interests are, then take action shots of yourself engaged in those scenarios.

This might require a little acting on your part, but that’s okay.  If you need to simulate an action shot on a tennis court, or riding a bike long distance, make it happen.

Note:  Be sure to change your clothes for each picture so that the photo gallery appears genuine.  You don’t want to create the appearance that you were on a photo shoot.

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Step 3:  Do not create professional looking pictures.

Even if you hire a professional, give the photographer your camera phone and instruct him or her to make all the pictures look as if they are not professionally taken photos.

The idea is for the photo gallery to look completely natural.  The last thing you want is for your online dating profile to look like a posed wedding album.  That will only make you appear as if you are trying too hard.

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Step 4:  Go back to the archives.

Once you have a bunch of solid pictures, go back to the archives of pictures you already have.  If you can find some photos that don’t show your face, but still reveal something awesome about you, use them.

It’s okay to have a couple of pictures that don’t show your face, as long as you have plenty of other pictures that clearly showcase what you look like.  An example of this would be a sky-diving picture.  It may not show what you look like, but it reveals an adventurous side of your personality.   

Step 5:  Make a final round to your friends and family.

Meet up with friends and family, break out that camera, and tell them you need a couple pictures for your online dating profile.  These types of pictures go a long way towards demonstrating you have a social life, that people like you, and that you enjoy spending time with others.  They will understand and should be happy to help out.

And finally…

Once you complete this process you should have more than enough pictures at your disposal.  But don’t go posting them before you have them reviewed by others.   Stick to female friends who you know will be objective, and if that is not a route you want to go down,  you can always click here to sign up for a free profile evaluation and I’d be glad to have one of my experts take a look free of charge.

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