My 10 Best Online Dating Email Tips After A Decade Of Success

My 10 Best Online Dating Email Tips After A Decade Of Success

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly a decade since I started helping men to succeed with online dating. And I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out.

How many people truly get to help others to find happiness on a daily basis?

In celebration of nearly ten years of helping men to find success online, today I’d like to share my 10 best online dating email tips of the past decade.  If you are having low response rates online, these should help to boost your results quite a bit.

1.  Keep the first email reasonably short

The first message should never feel like homework.  The goal is to make a quick impression, ignite interest, and create an email that is relatively easy to respond to.

If it takes a woman more than a minute to respond to your first email, it’s probably too long.  For follow up emails, it should never take more than 2 minutes max.

2.  End every email with a call to action

Every email you write should end with a question that makes it as easy as possible for the other person to write back.  Never end an email without a question.

3.  Your call to action should focus on your strongest commonality

Focusing on a commonality will increase your response rate.  If you can find a commonality that is super unique to the two of you, even better.

For example, everyone loves live music.  But having the same favorite niche indie rock band?  That’s pretty unlikely and will have the other person much more excited to engage with you.  The more unique, the better.

4.  Focus on their biggest passion

Maybe you can’t find a really strong commonality.  If that’s the case, focus on what the other person seems to be most passionate about.

Truth be told, most peoples favorite subject is themselves. Given the opportunity, people love to talk about what they are most interested in. Use this to your advantage.

5.  Humor is always your best weapon

This is always one of the most important online dating email tips I can preach.  While being funny isn’t the only way to receive a response, my data has shown that women are over 85 percent more likely to respond when you open with something playful or humorous.

This is the easiest way to stand out from the pack, get noticed, and communicate that a date with you will be a fun time.

6. Always be cognizant of the impression your words are creating

Words can be very powerful.  Some words communicate strength and confidence, while others can communicate insecurity and loneliness.  It’s very important to choose your words wisely.

Avoid phrases such as, “if you are interested,” or “I hope to hear from you” in your emails.  Instead, end your email using confident and powerful language that communicates you have a full life.

“I have to run and meet up with some friends but I’ll talk to you soon,”  This sounds a whole lot more confident than, “if you are interested feel free to write me back” and simultaneously communicates that you have an active social life.

7. Never create the appearance that you are chasing

Women are instinctively attracted to men who they have to chase, not the other way around.  Going back to the above example, stating something along the lines of I hope to hear from you are if you are interested shows that you are the one chasing and puts all the power in her hands.
These may just be innocent words, but they create a strong impression.  Always create the impression that you are the prize and the one that women need to win over, even if it is just in a very subtle manner.

8.  Always avoid small talk

Women have been asked the same questions online hundreds of times over.  Small talk will bore women to tears and put your email straight into the delete pile.
If you want to get noticed, you don’t even have to be original every time, you just need to have the appearance of originality.  Which brings us to…

9.  Save material that works 

As I stated in the above emailing tip, you don’t have to be original every time.  But you do have to have the appearance of originality so that women are entertained by your email, and in addition, don’t think you are spamming the same message to hundreds of women.
How do you do this?  Simple.  Save what works for future use.  I have email openers that have proven to work extremely well on dog lovers, doctors, teachers etc.  So every time I message the dog lover, I use one of the dog openers.  Same goes for teachers, doctors, older women, etc.
Re-using material will save you time, energy, and will allow you to have a drastically higher response rate.  If you need some material that works, you could always check out my course series, The Joshua Pompey Process which has a full e-books worth of material that works extremely well.

10. Mirror your audiences emailing habits

If you are dealing with a woman who keeps responding very briefly, respond relatively briefly as well.  Just make sure you get the most out of every word because you can sacrifice your ability to be interesting as well.  If their responses are on the longer side, mimic that as well.
The same goes for length of time between responses.  If they respond once a day, do the same.  If they get back super quick, don’t wait too long.
Different women treat the emailing process differently and by mimicking their habits you will maximize your chances of them sticking around all the way until phone numbers are exchanged.

Want more online dating email tips?

These online dating email tips for men only scratch the surface of what you need to know to have true online dating success.  For more free online dating articles and advice, you can visit this page now.

And if you really want to learn how to automate an endless stream of dates in less than 15 minutes a day, you can check out my ground-breaking courses known as the Joshua Pompey Process, filled with plenty of emailing material.  Click here to learn more or read a free chapter here.


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