photofeeler review

PhotoFeeler Review:  A Great Resource For Having Your Photos Reviewed (Free!)

By Joshua Pompey

photofeeler review

What is PhotoFeeler?


PhotoFeeler is a website that allows you to upload your pictures and have other people rate them.  Upload a photo and you will be rated according to three categories: How attractive you are, how trustworthy you are, and how smart you appear (as depicted in the photo above).


The pros


  • You will receive unbiased feedback from complete strangers.


  • This can help you to avoid positing a picture(s) that unintentionally hinders your results online.


  • It’s free, pending you swipe on other pictures.  In return, you will receive credits that you can use to have other people rate your pictures.  There is also the option to pay for credits if you wish to skip the process of swiping on other photos.


The cons


  • Our tests show that in some cases, pictures rated poorly on PhotoFeeler do extremely well on dating sites.


  • Context is not taken into consideration.  In an online dating profile, each picture combines to create a larger visual story.  Pictures posted in isolation on PhotoFeeler won’t take the whole story that you plan on telling into account.


  • You are being evaluated by random strangers that come from all aspects of life, without any quality control.  This might result in low quality data and a substantial deviation from what the real results would be.


  • A truly effective sample size would require well over a thousand ratings, as opposed to a couple dozen ratings.


  • Your image will be made public for strangers to critique you, which could be problematic if you prefer privacy.  This could also be emotionally challenging if you receive harsh feedback.


Our overall review?


We rate PhotoFeeler a solid B.  While we don’t recommend using PhotoFeeler as your only source of feedback,  we believe it is an excellent source for additional feedback.  Overall, we recommend using multiple sources for the best and most well-rounded feedback.


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