Online Dating Profile Pictures for Women

The 7 Online Dating Profile Pictures That Every Woman Needs


By Joshua Pompey


Telling the right visual story about yourself is critical to landing a quality man online.  In this article you will learn the 7 types of online dating profile pictures that will drastically improve your success.



If you want to attract the best men online, you need to make sure your photo gallery is absolutely perfect.  Why?  Because men are extremely visual creatures by nature.


Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at the inexplicable popularity of the Kardashians?   Surely there must be a reason they exist right?  (Sorry Kim. Call me!)


But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yes, your online dating profile pictures. If you truly want to attract the highest quality men online, telling an attractive visual story is critical.  Today I’m going to help you to create the perfect visual story by sharing the 7 types of online dating profile pictures that will take your results to the next level.  Let’s get started!


The I can be one of the guys profile picture


A man may not want you to be one of the guys all the time, but showing that you can hang sometimes is huge win for us.  When we see a profile picture of a woman having a beer with friends, or wearing a football Jersey on a Sunday afternoon, we really do get excited.


Of course I’m completely generalizing the interests of men with these examples, but my point is, you don’t have to hang with the guys all the time, nor do we necessarily want you to, but just showing us that you are willing to is a great quality.


The travel profile picture


Travel pictures communicate that life with you won’t result in a lifetime of suburban boredom, where driving to the store for milk is the highlight of my day, when truth be told, I don’t even like milk.  Sigh.  (Apparently that’s how bored my imagination is in fantasy suburban land).


Sure, life may not always be filled with endless exciting vacations, but travel pictures communicate that life with you will have plenty of fun times and exciting experiences ahead.


The night out profile picture


As men, we love to see what a woman looks like at her best.  So get to work and find those photos that really make you shine.  Whether it’s a night at a friends wedding or a girls night out where you were really turning heads, we want to see your best self.

The caring and compassionate profile picture


As men, it’s instinctual for us to seek out women who possess the qualities of a great wife and mother, even if that isn’t the literal end goal.  It’s all wired into our sub-conscious and evolutionary instincts.


Try to post at least one online dating profile picture that reveals you have these caring and compassionate qualities.  Pictures with family, volunteering, or hanging with the dog are all examples of how you can reveal these qualities.


The humorous profile picture


For us men, landing a well-rounded, interesting, and attractive woman is incredible.  But landing a woman who has all those qualities in addition to being funny is like winning the lottery.


If you could find a photo of yourself being humorous or even playful, it will go a long way towards igniting a man’s interest.


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The passion profile picture


What’s your biggest passion?  Maybe it’s working out.  Maybe it’s your desire to eat the world’s biggest sandwich.  Or is that one just mine?  No worries.  But dammit if I don’t like me a good sandwich.


Sorry, I’m back!  Whatever your biggest passion is, post a picture of it in your profile.  This will exponentially increase your odds of igniting the interest of someone who shares that passion.


The photo bait profile picture


What is photo bait?  Photo bait is a picture that will entice a man into asking you a question.  The easier it is for men to think of a question to ask when emailing you, the more likely they will.


So what makes for great photo bait?  The more unique the picture, the better it is.  It could be something funny, mysterious, totally outlandish, a unique travel destination, etc.


For example, I have a picture in my online dating profile that shows me, my dog, my grandmother, my sister, and her baby, all miraculously in one picture.  My caption says the following:


“This picture was genetically engineered by several scientists in a lab to attract beautiful women online.  I paid 1.7 million dollars so I really hope this was worth the investment.  :/”  This is an example of photo bait.  Almost every day I receive an email from women who are playfully commenting on that picture.


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