online dating profile help for men

The 9 Marketing Strategies Our Professional Profile Writers Live By

By Joshua Pompey


Need a little help writing your online dating profile?  In this article Joshua Pompey shares 9 highly effective strategies that our professional dating profile writers use.

online dating profile help for men


Writing an online dating profile that attracts the top ten percent of women is a lot easier than you think.   It’s all about learning how to market yourself to perfection.   If that’s the end goal, why not use the same marketing methods that some of the most successful companies in the world use?


Your dating profile in essentially nothing more than a sales pitch as to why women should want to date you.   It’s your job to make women want to purchase what you are offering.   So let’s examine some of the top marketing techniques our profile writers implement to attract the highest quality women.

1.  We focus on “disrupting” the medium




In the business world, a disruptor is when a product or service is so groundbreaking that it eventually replaces the entire industry.  Uber would be the perfect example of a disruptor.  Just look at how they have completely annihilated the traditional taxi industry.


Your profile writing should have the same objective.  You don’t just want to write a satisfactory profile.  Good profiles are just that – they are good.  But they aren’t game changers and they don’t get remembered.  Aim to disrupt the competition to the extent that every other profile she reads feels repetitive, dated, and uninspired.


But not yours.  Your profile will disrupt the pattern.  How do you do this?  Make your profile hilarious.  Say something polarizing.  Open with an attention grabbing statement.  Almost every profile online is just plain bad, boring, or cliche.  With a little bit of effort, it’s fairly easy to be the guy that stands out and disrupts the competition.


2.  Focus on providing value


providing value


When people want something, it’s often because it provides value to their life.  If I were to purchase a set of ebooks about online dating, it’s because I believe it will provide value to my life by leading to a better understanding of online dating, higher quality dates, less frustration, and maybe even a family someday.


Your profile writing has to provide value for the women reading it.  Suppose you used humor as a way of creating value.  If you make a woman laugh, you’re providing value by relieving her from the repetitive boredom of online dating.  You’re providing value by making her laugh and feel good.  You’re also communicating that a first date will provide value in the form of being a fun time.  The more value you provide when you write your profile, the more women will want to make that metaphorical purchase.


3.  The hook is paramount to success


hooking the audience


Here’s a crazy stat for you.  Did you know that the average person sees up to 10,000 ads per day?  That’s not a typo!  10,000!  Just think about it… We see ads on buses, billboards, social media,  TV, youtube…  Truth be told, the only place we don’t see ads is in our dreams!  And because we are so used to seeing ads everywhere we look, we stop noticing the vast majority of them on a conscious level.


Our brains are only wired to digest information that it deems the most important, so we naturally tune most ads out.  It would be detrimental to our survival if we actually processed 10,000 ads a day on a conscious level.


The only ads we truly notice are the ones that grab our attention within the first five seconds they appear.  These are ads that have amazing hooks and somehow distract us enough to take notice.  This is what we have to accomplish with our online dating profiles.


When women scroll through an endless stream of boring profiles, after a while they stop registering on a conscious level.  In order to break through the noise, it is critical to hook them from the jump off point.  Your first sentence must be the most attention grabbing portion of your profile and should place a high emphasis on disruption.


Online dating profile templates


4.  Our writers use strategies to combat attention spans


women smiling on phone


Our research shows that most women only skim a profile the first time around.  After they find information that interests them or feel a positive emotion, that’s when they go back and give the profile a deeper read.  For this reason, our writers focus on creating a duel structure with profiles.


Our profiles are organized in a manner that allows women to skim for information and commonalities, but are also conducive to being read like a well-written short story.   This is critical because writing profiles that are too short will come across as lazy and boring. A duel structure allows us to add some length and substance without losing our audience in the process.


5.  Packaging is everything


packing is everything


Some of the biggest companies in the world spend millions of dollars just to figure out the best way to package their products.  They know that even if their product is great, insane amounts of money will be left on the table if the packaging isn’t perfect.


Our profiles are packaged in a manner this is visually appealing to the eyes, typically presented in the form of several mini-paragraphs.  If a woman sees 500 words divided into two paragraphs, she will never read it.  If she sees 500 words divided into 8 mini-paragraphs, the prospect of reading about you will be much more appealing.


6.  We focus on creating strong demand


high demand


The language of your profile should communicate that you are the prize and the one that women should be chasing.  Way too many guys come across as the chasers, desperate for the opportunity to date a beautiful women.  These are the guys that don’t get the girl.


Your profile needs to ooze confidence with every word you write (without coming across as a douche or brag), and should present the image of a man who knows he has a lot of options (it shouldn’t literally say this, but if should have this feel).  If you make a woman feel like you’re the type of guy other women are vying for, her attraction towards you will drastically increase.  At the end of the day, people always want what they can have.  In demand products sell, plain and simple.


7.  Don’t sell too hard


great products sell themselves


Selling too hard lowers your value and creates the image of a desperate man.  A great product sells itself.  You profile writing should hype you up and subtly brag about your best qualities, but it should do so in a manner that feels organic and natural.


If it doesn’t feel completely natural, women will instantly view you as a man who is trying to hard, and consequently, doesn’t have many options.  This is a common reason women don’t respond to men online.


8.  We focus on making women feel something


no deep thinking


All marketing campaigns are predicated on tapping into the prospective customers emotions.  They have to FEEL something or they won’t buy what is being sold.  Will this product make me feel happy?  Will it make me feel goal-oriented?  Will it make me feel more confident?   Will it make me feel like others wish they were me?


If your profile focuses on CONVINCING a woman that she should date you, it will fail.  It has to make a woman FEEL like she should date you because that profile creates the promise of fun, happiness, excitement, etc.   Your profile needs to create an emotional response or you have failed.


9.  We are always market testing our audience




There’s a reason we’ve had over 20,000 happy customers.  It’s because we don’t rest on our laurels and pump out the same profiles for years on end.


We are always testing, experimenting, and gathering data on what types of profiles yield the most responses.  When you write a profile, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Play around with adjustments, try new things, and gather data just like we do.  Sometimes even the slightest tweak can make all the difference.


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